Optical CD/DVD RW drive is not responding and is not in device manager


I am currently having an issue w/ my physical optical CD/DVD RW drive in my Acer 7520 laptop... it is not responding and is not even registering in Device Manger or Diskamagement... seems to be no firmware/driver in the registry...

My CD/DVD drive was working recently just fine.. and as far as I can tell is not damaged as it STILL SPINS the disks in the drive... and RESPONDS with a CD/DVD inserted but then just shuts off

** in BIOS... my CD/DVD is still listed even though it IS NOT inserted into the optical drive slot

I am scared as an 80 lbs. cheerleader fighting mike tyson in is prime to re flash BIOS

Helpful Details to my situation:

**First off let me just say here that I have recently installed a Virtual Image Drive application called "Magic Disk" loaded onto my computer, for the purpose of loading ISO or UIF file's without an actual physical drive... it's a widely used and very viable program from the developers of Magic ISO...

what was registering in Device Manager instead was the Magic Disk virtual drive...

As far as I can tell, one should still be able to load CD/DVD's from an physical CD/DVD RW drive as well as have a secondary drive... I believe that the system does this by allowing for a "non existent" secondary RAID configuration within the IDE/ATAPI channel along with the actual optical drive itself...

The issue that I think happened is that Magic Disk is establishing itself as the only drive on my pc...

Now I have been skowering forums for over two all nighters up to this point, and I've finally thrown my hands up in the air after about 500 "face palms" in a row


** Sometimes virtual drive mounters, dvd burner/iso, media codecs and various other applications will install driver filters within your registry for added burning capabilities
I've TRIED the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} key fix...

At first... within the registry Key there there was basically no driver listed AT ALL... so the "upper and lower filters" did not exist... but then after a registry fix
the "upper filter" only.... appeared... so I attempted to delete it, as well as replace the string value with "0"... along with a number of other attempts with no fix.

**Attempted to uninstall the Virtual Drive from the IDE channel and uninstall the Virtual Drive, reboot... and then scan for hardware changes.... and then reboot again.... still no response

**I've attempted to run Microsfots fix it download but it does not work at all...

**Attempted to restore corrupted/missing files with command line scripting

--ran chkdsk to fix file systems... nothing

--sfc/scannow DID TURN UP damaged files within the DLL cache BUT the system 32 doesn't have them
so it prompted me to insert the OS disk... BUT OBVIOUSLY CAN'T PULL THAT ONE OFF CAUSE

**This is a laptop PC so I cannot physically change to master/slave settings or mess with the IDE channel itself..

** I've tried MANY OTHER TROUBLESHOOTING STEP'S for about 2 nights in a row but I just about threw up on my keyboard in the process

Other noteworthy Detail's:

** I HAVE NOT HAD A CHANCE yet to attempt to see if the drive works in another computer or had a chance to partition another operating system to see if the Drive responds within another OS partition

i am going ape **** bonkers :pt1cable: over this can anyone give me some helpful tip's that I have not tried???

As stated before I haven't had a chance to try the Optical drive within another OS or computer set up... bare with me I'm going to attempt to boot Linux from a flash and then try my disk there....

any other help is much appreciated
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  1. A few suggestions (not necessarily in that order):
    -system restore;
    -download Master Firmware for that specific Drive and flash it; make sure it is for that make/model, otherwise it might brick it;
    -uninstall not only the Virtual Drive, but also the Magic Disk software that put it on, basically the entire program;
    -do a low-level format of the HDD, followed by a reinstallation of the OS, OR a repair-install of the OS, provided that your drive is seen in BIOS, as you mentioned.
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