How to Change Voltage for 1090T CPU

What settings do I change to make the voltage capable of overclocking my 1090T to 4GHz? (The settings that are in the picture were not saved.)

Here is a picture of my BIOs:
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  1. add volts and the multiplier in overclocking should be step by step, not to the point 4GHz, must start from the bottom first. additional multiplier offset by the addition of other voltages such as CPU voltage and VDIM (max DDR3 1.65v).
    for example, if you raise the multiplier and you try to test with the IBT and stable multiplier and then rise again if you get the BSOD, well .. just raise the voltage ..Just keep and eye on the temperature below 60C when the stability test
  2. read your ram setting some ram runs higher than 1.65v set it according to oem settings
    my ram ( mushkin 996657 oem settings labeled right on the ram its self is 1.95 v 1600 @ 7 7 7 20 ) but it defaults 1.65v 9 9 9 24 when not set up manually

    like henydiah stated go step by step with any overclocking as every ones hardware is different but my 1090t runs 4.2 @ 1.45- 1.5 depending on the rest of my overclocks also read
    it will help a lot
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