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Hi im experiencing problems with my drive. When downloading data i recieve a Cyclic redundancy check error, to temporarily fix this i run chkdisk D: /f in command prompt. its a seagate 500GB not sure on the specs... been awhile since ive fiddled with my drives... :S any suggestions?
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  1. I suggest that you back up everything to another drive double-quick. Just in case.

    How old is the drive? They don't live forever. Seagate has a program, I think it's called Seatools, that you can download if you are having problems. It does diagnostics and determines whether or not the disk should be RMAed (if it's still in warranty)
  2. Sorry its a Western Digital and its only been in my machine for a year.(details below) ive installed the life guard diag tool from their site and running a physical test.

    first install date: 16/6/10 13:03.04 (wow accurate enough)

    Identification from disk management: WDC WD5001AALS-00L3B2 ATA Device
  3. This may not be a problem with drive, more likely a currupt download. Try downloading the same file from another location if possible. Or try downloading another file from another site to see if you still get the crc error.
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