[Solved] Graphic Card overheat cause screen corruption???

Hi, I just overdrived my ATI Radeon HD 6850 Sapphire, I overdrived my settings to following...

High performance GPU clock settings - 700 to 840
High performance memory clock settings - 1000 to 1190
Fan Speed - 100%

After I set it, I play some games about 5 minutes and then I got some screen corruption problem.
I was scared, then I restart my computer and it is gone.
Is that my Graphic Card too hot??

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  1. check GPU temperature in HW monitor is below 80C not overheat, maybe just problem with driver, or your PSU not enough Supply it
  2. I have tested it with furmark, it is around 70C.
    If I set the settings a little bit lower, will it be fixed?
  3. like issued problem PSU not enough supply power this VGA
    yes try in stadard default ...
  4. oh thx, i have set to 830/1170 and the problem is no more, thx!!
  5. If no problem enjoy play your favorite game
  6. Thanks anyway
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