I5-760 Overclock

Hi guys.

Sorry to be posting about this because i'm sure it gets asked a lot and people get bored of it but i have looked at many guides and such to try and overclock but i'm not having much success. I'll list my system specs and what i hope to achieve and hopefully someone can help me.

System specs:
Intel Core i5-760
Cooler Master Hyper 212+ (2 fans)
Antec Nine Hundred Two (With 2 Front, 1 rear and the huge top fan)
ASRock P55 Deluxe
Corsair XMS3 1600Mhz (2 x 2GB)
XFX Pro 750W
Palit GTX 460 1GB @ 800/1600/1800
500GB Seagate Barracuda

I am trying to overclock to 4Ghz or as close as i can get. It seems though that whenever i push it past about 3.4-3.5Ghz i need to raise the voltage but no matter how much voltage i give it just wont boot. (Turbo Mode and C states turned off.) One guide suggested using the maximum safe voltage and trying 3.8-4ghz then but it still wouldn't boot even on the maximum safe voltage (1.4v). People have said that maybe i have pushed my chip as far as it will go but people with similar setups to mine have pushed theirs to 4-4.2ghz without a problem, i realise that every chip is different but surely not to that degree.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance :)
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  1. I see that over 100 people have read this and not posted a reply, is there any reason why? Any information i am missing?
  2. Have a look at these images they may or may not help, they are my settings at 3.8ghz so it might give you an idea of what to start with.


  3. Thanks for the reply, it has given me a bit more confidence to see someone elses settings. Yesterday i gave up with it and put it back to stock then today i thought i'd have another go but this time record what i do in some more detail. Here is what i was able to do:

    133x21=2.8Ghz - Stock Voltage - Stable (Prime95)
    137x21=2.9Ghz - Stock Voltage - Booted but not Prime 95 tested
    142x21=3.0Ghz - Stock Voltage - Booted but not Prime 95 tested
    147x21=3.1Ghz - Stock Voltage - Booted but not Prime 95 tested
    152x21=3.2Ghz - Stock Voltage - Stable (Prime 95)
    157x21=3.3Ghz - Stock Voltage - Stable (Prime 95)
    162x21=3.4Ghz - Stock Voltage - Stable (Prime 95)
    167x21=3.5Ghz - Stock Voltage - Wouldn't Boot

    When it wouldn't boot i tried raising my CPU, VTT, PCH and CPU PLL voltages by 1 integer and trying again until i got to:

    167x21=3.5Ghz - CPU=1.16250v VTT=1.294v PCH=1.113v CPU PLL=1.895 - Stable (Prime 95)

    I then tried lowering each voltage by 1 integer one voltage at a time to see if any of them were too high, every time i lowered one it wouldn't boot or it bluescreened. I then started raising the clock again:

    172x21=3.6Ghz - CPU=1.21250 VTT=1.294 PCH=1.113 CPU PLL=1.895 - Stable during test but then bluescreened when i went to shut down.

    I wouldve started raising the voltages again but by this point the CPU had hit 90c after about 10 minutes of stress testing. I was very surprised by this because my case (Antec 902) has excellent reviews for the cooling and i also have a Coolermaster Hyper 212+ with 2 fans fitted. Also my ambient temperatures are never very high. (~15-20c) What i now need to know is, is it likely that i have hit the limits of my hardware now or does it sound like i have some kind of problem like a wrong setting or bad airflow/badly fitted cooler?

    Thanks in advance for any help i may receive :)

    P.S. When i say the system 'didn't boot' i mean that the computer switched on fine but my monitor didn't pick up the signal from the PC and didn't come on. (Tried with both VGA and HDMI)
  4. Try not to let your cpu get over 65c at any point, if it is then overclocking is not a good idea. If your pc wont boot at a certain clock and you tried almost everything then maybe your chip doesn't want to go any further.
  5. Yeah i know, 70c on stress is pretty much my limit. It didn't stay at 90c for long before i turned it off, at 3.5Ghz it hit 72c on stress but only 60c in a gaming session. Pretty disappointed at this though because ive seen a fair few people on forums with similar setups to mine that have gotten that chip to 4 or even 4.2ghz while staying under 70c on stress. Lower voltages too :(
  6. It sounds like you are at about the limit due to your temperatures at 3.5GHz. With a better cooler you could possibly go higher. I've built several machines with the i5-750, 2 of them got to 3.9GHz, the third only 3.8GHz.

    You could try reseating your cooler with new compound to see if that will improve its performance.

    I was going to suggest that there was a problem with your memory settings until I saw your temperatures. You didn't say what speed you were running the memory at. There are a few other minor things to set with an i5 but I can't remember off the top of my head.

    All chips are not the same. Just because other people hit a certain speed doesn't guarantee that you will.
  7. Yeah it's looking like i'm going to have to give up on getting to 4Ghz because i'm not going to buy a new cooler, i only just bought this one. I will try reseating my cooler though because i just gave up on the overclocking again and went down to 3.4 on stock voltage again (which ive been on for months with a stock cooler with <70c on stress) and it bluescreened so i tried 3.2 and it bluescreened again so i got frustrated and put it back to stock and now the temps are higher than they were on the stock cooler originally. They did idle at around 25c and now its more like 36c, i'm so confused. Ive been at this for like 12 hours straight (i'm determined and very stubborn at times :P) so i'm going to get some sleep then try reseating the cooler and giving it one last try tomorrow.

    Thanks for the help guys. :)
  8. P.S. My RAM is rated at 1600Mhz and it's Corsair so ive tried to keep it between 1300-1650
  9. jmsellars1 said:
    P.S. My RAM is rated at 1600Mhz and it's Corsair so ive tried to keep it between 1300-1650

    Did you set the timings and voltages for your ram?
  10. You can change the CPU Voltage to 1.3V. I think maybe there is something wrong with the thermalpaste.
  11. I had my timings at 9-9-9-24 with the voltage on auto, which kept it around 1.65v.
  12. I have also reseated my cooler and updated my bios now, i have got my CPU to 20x160=3200 and its no hotter than it was on stock. (46c on stress) Thats more like it, ill try overclocking some more once i have the patience again.
  13. Stress it with Prime95 and you will see the difference.
  14. Try to change the timings to 7-9-7-24.
  15. Thanks, ill give that a go when i try again
  16. Also, that stressing was on Prime95
  17. Hey guys, i just found a really useful guide on this very forum about overclocking 1156 chips and i managed to get to 4ghz stable but it was way too hot so i'm down to 3.8Ghz but im happy with that! Dont know how i managed to miss that guide though /facepalm
  18. jmsellars1 said:
    Hey guys, i just found a really useful guide on this very forum about overclocking 1156 chips and i managed to get to 4ghz stable but it was way too hot so i'm down to 3.8Ghz but im happy with that! Dont know how i managed to miss that guide though /facepalm

    I can easily Overclock my i5 760 to 4.2GHz@1.288V, While running Prime95, it goes to 70C
  19. Well you must have better cooling, or a better chip
  20. Quite good for Corsair A50 + Sunon Vapo+ 12cm 3100rpm + AS5
    If I have money I will buy a watercooling kit.
  21. What do you mean "Better Chip"?
  22. I mean that not every i5-760 or any other CPU is exactly the same, that's the reason you can't just ask someone their OC settings and copy their clocks and voltages exactly for a guaranteed result.
  23. Yea, there must be some difference, but I think i5 760 can easily be overclocked to over 4GHz. When you need higher BCLK, you should have better ram. Benchmarking shows the different between CL9 and CL7!
  24. yeah i did get to 4Ghz after reading that guide, it was just too hot. I have it at 3.8 atm, still a bit on the hot side but its ok.
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