My audio driver is not installing

when i m installing the VIA audio codic drivers its give error in the middle of the installing process (we can't find HD audio device )... what to do plzzzzzzz help me
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  1. Make and model of computer,or if custom the motherboard info!
  2. motherboard modle - ecs g31t-m7 os- xp sp3
  3. ya i already download it n try to instal it but it gives the same error we can't find HD audio device ......what to do ???
  4. Are your chipset drivers installed?
  5. Did you try to install it thru the device manager?
  6. yup chipset driver are installed correctly ... yup i try to instal thru the device manager but it didnt show the driver coz its in .exe extension ...
  7. 1) Use 7-zip or WinRAR to extract the driver

    2) Extract sounddriver.exe to a folder,make one, an name it whatever you want

    3) Open Device Manager, search for the Unknown PCI device

    4) Right click on the Unknown PCI device to update the driver

    5) Point the driver path to this folder you made
  8. in d the device manager it show like this PCI drivers ? ! this type of sign in the yellow color
  9. yes that is the unknown device which is the hd audio
  10. It didnt work from the device manager too .... same error .... wat to do ???????
  11. Actually i jst instal xp sp3.... then this problem occure ....
  12. I got a similar problem I am using XP3 msi g41 p28
    all chips are already installed

    (SETUP LOG: DATE 12-28-2012 TIME 12:51:40
    Installed components :

    (Fail to Installed components :
    VIA HD Audio Codec Driver v8. :0xfffffffe)

    (1607: unable to install installshield scripting runtime)

    (we can't find audio device)

    not a driver issue.
    hardware not found
    I suspect the bios/the possibility that the old xp
    thank you if someone helped me
  13. give me solution for asus p5n73-am motherboard
  14. The chipset drivers will be available at the Asus website. This old thread is being closed now - please start one of your own if you still can't make it work.
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