Laptop screen stuck on 'preparing to standby'

i closed the lid after putting my laptop on standby mode while the charger was plugged in. After 4 hours i unplugged the charger and opend the lid to find the monitor stuck on preparin to standby mode, i left it that way for an hour and then presd the key inbetween f12 and prt scr on which a white light was showing, but it turnd orange after depresng, and the screen is stil the same
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  1. I usually don't recommend this but...
    Can't you close it with the power button?
    If not, then remove your laptop battery, wait a bit, and then put it back in, and start your PC...
    You may see a Windows did not hut down corectlly...bla, bla,bla... screen. Don't worry, just select it to start normally.... :hello:
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