Zalamn reserator v2 or better ?

After much deliberation i bought as an upgrade...

Intel Core i7 2600k 3.4GHz Socket 1155 8MB Cache Retail Boxed Processor

Asus P8P67 Pro R3 P67 Socket 1155 8 Channel HD Audio ATX Motherboard

Corsair 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 1600MHz/PC3-12800 XMS3 i5 Memory Kit CL9(9-9-9-24) 1.65V

Im sick to death with the noise of fans, i have the corsair H50 and even that is winding me up...yes, thats how quiet it is my house !!

Im looking at the RESERATOR1 V2 Fanless Water Cooling System with which comes with the following..

100% fanless watercooling unit
Supplied with CPU water block (ZM-WB5 PLUS)
Supplied with VGA water block (ZM-GWB3)
Supplied with anti-corrosion coolant (ZM-G200)
Supplied with quick release couplings and clear tubing

I will need to get an adaptor for the water block to fit my motherboard as it is socket burning concern is the aluminium and copper problem..obviously it whats on the inside of the block that is in contact with the fluid but i cant get a definitive answer as to what material is on the inside of ZM-WB5 PLUS, it states.. and here is the link..

"Pure Copper (Base), Pure Aluminum (Cover)"..well, whats on the inside ?? clearly the photo on the website shows the contact surface to be polished silver/aluminum or some other plating.

My graphics card which i have also been told in another thread is crap, is an nvidia 9600 GT (does me, i dont play games...yet)..the supplied block for that i am hoping will fit the mounting holes although not stated as compatible on thier website but then nor was thier fanless heatsink but it fitted !!...any advice on compatible water blocks ?

All this is going into a Codegen 4U RackMount Case in my front am adamant i dont want ANY fans...i only have 1 SSD hard drive in the unit so no heat from that, the only heat will be coming from the GPU and it worth looking for a full water block for my graphics card ?..i have the plate covering the ram chips seperatley from the fanless heatsink...i could leave that on maybe ?...or a cheaper upgrade to the grapics card ?
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  1. Zalman Reserator is junk; no offense. Pumps fail all the time in them. I have a lot of info on watercooling in my signature below. Give yourself some time to pick up on some of the basics...don't want you to jump into this with a bad experience.
  2. Dont listen to Rubix_1011 i strongly disagree when he said the reserator 1 v2 is junk so the pump fails and mine did also but you can buy the very same pump or even a stronger pump at any place that sells iquarium equipment..My new pump pumps double the amount now which it did before plus this pump is warranted for life & there less then 20 bucks so hell you buy two...So if you did buy the zalman reserator 1 v2 write me back i can give you a couple sweet tip to keep your water even cooler
  3. Yes, because I absolutely don't know what I am talking about.

    Good luck with that weak pump and mixed metals.

    And why did you comment on a thread that hadn't been active in almost a year?
  4. I own a Zalman Reserator v2. I bought it more than a year ago & until now still not use it. The only thing I did with it... I removed the pump on the inside of the passive liquid cooler. Unscrewing the base of the Reserator is a pain in the ass. You need to have the strength of "The Incredible Hulk" to unscrew it. I don't have the tools essential in opening or unscrewing very tight stuff that I decided that I have to use a hammer, a screw driver & some clamps to do the trick. It took me a long time to unscrew the bottom part I was thinking of destroying it out of frustration. Anyway, I did managed to unscrew it to removed the pump.

    As far a performance, it's hard to tell cuz I never use it yet. I do think the passive liquid cooler will work. It's massive size more than make up for it being a passive liquid cooler. The Reserator body can hold almost close to 3,000 ml of coolant compared to 1/4 of a regular front bay or tube reservoir. That's an extremely large amount of liquid to dissipate heat (there's no rocket science here).

    But in terms of extreme performance, the Reserator being a passive reservoir/heatsink unit is not as good ad those large radiators used many liquid cooling enthusiasts. At $250-$300, it's still expensive than some other liquid cooling kits in the market. I can afford to buy more expensive liquid cooling systems but I choose the Reserator over the other cuz besides it being silent it looks extremely cool. It's like a torpedo, an artillery shell or a nuclear fuel rod.

    You have the option to not use the pump that comes with the unit. If you wanna use the pump then you don't need to unscrew the base & remove it. The pump looks very sturdy & well built. I don't really care if the Reserator is made up of Aluminum or running it with mixed metal as this unit is no Ferrari or Bentley. By the time you need to replace your PC & your liquid cooling system it's not cuz you're using Aluminum & you're also using Copper (most coolants now contain anti-corrosion properties I don't care what experts say) & everything's stops working but because your PC components are to ancient for everyday use that you really need an upgrade.
  5. What i should do is post a comment on how to take the bottom cap off the reserator tank,,Myself i had it off in less then 2 minutes..What i did was i took off the water in & out nipples then you notice the shape of the cap its not completely round so i took a piece of plywood & traced the shape on the plywood then i cut it out..after that i screwed it into my work bench then i placed the botton cap in the cut out so now your cap is in the cut out hole..Then i got a piece of rope and i raped the tank 5 times then tied it..then i got a bar & slid it between the tank & the rope then i twisted it till the rope got real tight on the tank then all i did after that was i twisted the tank like a cap and it cam off real easy..The first time also..Anyways when you dicide to use your reserator1 v2 let me know i can give you a couple tips to keep the water in the tank cooler just by using 10 inches of hose...But if you can pick up the reserator fan kid that would be a bonus for you..Just dont let anyone tell you its no good for the new i7 processors because thats bull..Im running the best quad i7 on the market & im overclocked to 3.8 stable & i never had any heat issues...Myself i find these lil tips that helps & they really work fine...
  6. Yes, don't listen to us.
  7. After looking into this, it appears douglasw has resurrected most of the Zalman Reserator threads on the forums.

    @douglasw- if you have input for this topic, please open a new thread. Do not comment on threads that haven't been active, especially those older than 6 months. There is a very high probability that the OP no longer visits the forums and data is likely outdated based on those responding.

    Closing this thread.
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