Faulty psu? high pitched sound - please help

I have problem with my psu:

when pc is off psu generate high frequency pitched sound.
Is gone only if switch off power completly or remowe power cable.
Is it normal or my psu is faulty?
please help
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  1. Hi mate ,
    i had some thing very simular , the transformer inside was breaking down in my psu, i could smell burning comeing out of the rear of the unit , in mine there was load pitched sound aswell , , when i opended the unit and looked inside the whole thing was black and many of the circuits and melted , , althougth you should not open these units i, wanted to see what had happened, , do you smell burning from the rear fan on the psu ,
  2. I dont smel any burning.
    psu is only 2 weeks old (I have't got oryginal box anymore)
    I have took it to shop under warranty but I've been told that it can be normal for this psu. but they cant compare with identical unit (no more in stock) so on monday they will contact manufacture to find out.
    if noise is normal they will send it back to me and charge me for delivery £5 + vat
    what can I do?
  3. hey man, i dont know your psu personally, but after looking around on the internet and through various forums, it seems that alot of people with your psu have similar issues, if you can live with the noise, i would say just deal with it and switch your comp off at the plug, it will save you £5 and if you are covered by warranty and it does die, then you can still get it replaced. If however you cannot deal with it, i would recommend asking for a full refund or at least some proof that other psu's of the same model as yours make that noise
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