hello , ok heres my problem i had a HD go whacky on me.The HD can be seen in bios but will not boot into windows only goes into repair screen where it says it cant auto fix it.At any rate after testing i've gotten erorrs sayin cant find osloader , cant find bootsec mgr.I've done the "bootsect.exe/nt60 c: " says completed sucessfully but still wont boot.So the drive is recognized within windows when used as a slave.I have another blank HD that i cloned my orig drive to ,but the same issue it will not boot.
So now i wanna know if i install win 7 onto the knew drive can i transfer files from the bad drive to new one & have the proggy's work? i know i can transfer pics & docs and such, but is there a way to transfer proggy's games etc. so that registry entries & such all transfer over ?The orig drive ran win 7 also.
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    No. You have to install all your games and software. Registry is scattered all around.

    You can try hard drive duplicator or uses some software (e.g. Acronis) that can make a duplicate of your old drive to new drive.
  2. thanks for the input , i did try to clone it already but the same thing happened w/ the new drive "it wont boot" so it looks like a fresh install on the new drive & re-install all my games and proggy's is my only option
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