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Overclock GA-G41m-Combo + E5300 more then 3.33GHz

Anybodyz pls help me overclock my E5300 + GA-G41m-Combo high then 3.33Ghz 100% stable..
"Passed all 25 tests Intel Burn Test v2.5 at 2000Mb Custom memory stress.Super P.I (1Mb ~ 16.548s)"

Can u guyz help me?
Any suggession?
I'm noob lol...
New overclocker.. :)

Name Intel Pentium E5300
Codename Wolfdale
Specification Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5300 @ 2.60GHz
Package (platform ID) Socket 775 LGA (0x0)
Extended CPUID 6.17
Core Stepping R0
Technology 45 nm
Core Speed 3325.1 MHz
Multiplier x FSB 12.5 x 84.7 MHz
Rated Bus speed 1064.0 MHz
Stock frequency 2600 MHz

Memory SPD

@Dual Channel > PC6400 800MHz 5 - 5 - 5 - 5 - 18 @ (2:3) / 2.00A / VDimm 2.00v

Memory type DDR2
Module format Regular UDIMM
Manufacturer (ID) Transcend Information (7F4F000000000000)
Size 2048 MBytes
Max bandwidth PC2-6400 (400 MHz)
Part number JM800QLU-2G
Serial number 00001111
Number of banks 2
Data width 64 bits
Correction None
Nominal Voltage 1.80 Volts
EPP no
XMP no
JEDEC timings table CL-tRCD-tRP-tRAS-tRC @ frequency
JEDEC #1 4.0-4-4-12-16 @ 266 MHz
JEDEC #2 5.0-5-5-15-20 @ 333 MHz
JEDEC #3 6.0-6-6-18-24 @ 400 MHz

Memory type DDR2
Module format Regular UDIMM
Manufacturer (ID) Corsair (7F7F9E0000000000)
Size 2048 MBytes
Max bandwidth PC2-6400 (400 MHz)
Part number CGM2X2G800
Number of banks 2
Data width 64 bits
Correction None
Nominal Voltage 1.80 Volts
EPP no
XMP no
JEDEC timings table CL-tRCD-tRP-tRAS-tRC @ frequency
JEDEC #1 4.0-4-4-12-16 @ 266 MHz
JEDEC #2 5.0-5-5-18-23 @ 400 MHz

Hardware Monitors

Hardware monitor ITE IT87
Voltage 0 1.36 Volts [0x55] (CPU VCORE)
Voltage 1 2.18 Volts [0x88] (VIN1)
Voltage 2 3.34 Volts [0xD1] (+3.3V)
Voltage 3 4.95 Volts [0xB8] (+5V)
Voltage 4 2.69 Volts [0x2A] (+12V)
Voltage 7 5.19 Volts [0xC1] (+5V VCCH)
Voltage 8 3.09 Volts [0xC1] (VBAT)
Min Temp : 40C
Max Temp : 68C


vendor Award Software International, Inc.
version F3
date 06/09/2010

DMI System Information
manufacturer Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
product G41M-Combo

DMI Baseboard
vendor Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
model G41M-Combo
revision 1.3

DMI Processor
manufacturer Intel
model Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5
clock speed 3333.0 MHz
FSB speed 266.0 MHz
multiplier 12.5x

Display Adapters

Display adapter
Name NVIDIA GeForce GT 220
Revision A2
Codename GT216
Technology 40 nm
Memory size 1024 MB

Performance Level Default
Core clock 135.0 MHz
Shader clock 270.0 MHz
Memory clock 135.0 MHz
Performance Level 2D Desktop
Core clock 405.0 MHz
Shader clock 810.0 MHz
Memory clock 324.0 MHz
Performance Level 3D Applications O.C
Core clock 780.0 MHz
Shader clock 1676.0 MHz
Memory clock 905.0 MHz


Windows Version Microsoft Windows 7 (6.1) Ultimate Edition Service Pack 1 (Build 7601) x86
DirectX Version 11.0

Psu : Orbix ATX 480w *Cheap one!!! :lol:

** Cooler : Intel Stock Cooler :ouch: **


Sorry for my english...Its Bad.. :D
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  1. stock cooler is crap
    you need something better to go any further
  2. This should be your first stop.
    Core2 Overclocking Guide (generic guide)

    Shadow's Gigabyte motherboard OC guide:
    It's for an EP35-DS3L but all the Gigabyte Core2 BIOS's are similar.

    Go through the guides. Then take your core voltage off Auto and set your memory voltage to factory recommended values. Change the System Memory Multiplier (or whatever your BIOS calls it) from AUTO to whatever will get you closest to a 1:1 FSB:RAM ratio.

    The G31/G41 chipset is an economy, entry level chipset. Unless you get really lucky, you will not be able to push the FSB freq past about 360 MHz. I have a G'byte G41 board. FSB freq of 352 MHz works. 353 MHz doesn't.

    OTOH, the E5200 series CPU's with their relatively low FSB freq and high internal multiplier work pretty well here.

    From what you have posted, the first step should be better cooling (proton is right). The Wolfdale Core2 CPU's do not present a high thermal load, but at anything more than stock speeds, the stock cooler is inadequate. Something inexpensive like an Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro will do nicely.

    Keep your core voltage under 1.45 volts and the load temps under 70 C. With a halfway decent cooler and a Wolfdale CPU, you will more than likely reach voltage limits before you reach thermal limits.
  3. Your temps are next to max ATM. And the mobo and CPU you have are also pretty close to the FSB wall if not already there. The G41s have a 300 FSB wall quite often. To go more you need a P45.
  4. Latest OC 3.6 at 74C

    I will try to pumpit more after i get a batter cooling unit.. :)
    Thx 4 allz u guys..
  5. I had mine stable at 3.8Ghz with much lower temps than that. I think mine was able to clock to 3.9ghz with 1.38v and i just knocked a few mhz off for my 24/7 OC. What cooler are you using?
    That procesor was probably the easiest i've ever overclocked (Almost 50% overclock running 24/7 on air.
  6. That all perfect for u...great! :)

    May be im using cheap ram and psu that make g41m-combo need more juice at Vcore.. using INTEL STOCK COOLER :ouch: lol..My cpu blow up later if i push it more then 3.6GHz :lol: ..
    Cau u give me u setup?using this g41-combo?

    can somebody help me ..? :cry:
  7. Best answer
    duh....i'v got the same mobo n m fully stable @ 3.83 Ghz.........(11.5 x 333) @ 1.47 vcore n 1.3 cpu actually i'v got a better cooler plus Cooler master goldvpro PSu 550w......only thing i saw was tht i cu'nt b able to use tht settings when i had nrmal psu supplied with only trick to throw tht crappy stock cooler n get urself a better rock solid psu...mayb antec would be gud.....n yeah...u could try this settings as well.....
    11.5 x 333 @ 1.46 vcore, 1.3 cpu termination, dram voltages to 1.5v instead of auto......but do it on ur own sake....if u wnna try it on stock cooler....
  8. Will, please do not resurrect 9 month old threads.
  9. hee...i already try v-core at 1.60V at 3.83Ghz but not stable on my rig...
    nevermind...3.66Ghz at 1.55Vcore have a good perfomance on to day gaming :)
    but the temp always at 63C - 73C on full load while play v game..
  10. But for the long term on my rig i decrease my OC to 3.5Ghz at 1.48Vcore...I'm happy with it...almost a year now on this setting.. without anyproblem ^_^

    "Thx for the help from u guys...U all r the best :) "
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