Windows Xp showing 2.4ghz instead of 3.0Ghz?

Hi Buddies

need a little help i am getting this weird kind of error as mention the pic
my processor is Intel Q9650, which is 3.0Ghz but on windows it shows 2.4ghz as shown in the picture
i have the latest BIOS and every update from the windows then i really don't understand why it shows tht i neither do any sort of over clocking as well everything is on Default settings please help me out
how can i fix this issue
wait for your reply
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  1. I cannot see the pic ... sorry.

    Should be running 9 X 1333 (333 mhz front side bus quad pumped) under load.

    At idle it will drop (speedstep) to a 6 multiplier - 2Ghz.

    So if it is running at 2.4 then is it because you have upped the fsb to 400 Mhz?
    Under load it would then bump up to 3.6Ghz ... a mean OC.

    Or .. is it running under load at 2.4Ghz because you have clocked the FSB to 266 by mistake ... it would then go down via speedstep to 1.6Ghz?

    DL and run CPU-Z and post a shot.
  2. i have not done any sort of over clocking i only keep the default setting for everything i have update the picture link please check it out
  3. Well I can see the pic now.

    A couple of weird things ... the Qx9650 is unlocked but the Q9650 is locked to 9 ... yet yours is showing 9.5 (3.16Ghz would be correct if this is a 9.5 multi tho) which is odd indeed.

    download CPUZ and run it anyway - tell us what you get.
  4. OK here is the cpuz snapshot check it out and help me out please
  5. help me out pls buddies
  6. Your CPUID SS shows your CPU performing to spec: 3.0ghz. It is a trustworthy program.

    No idea why your XP system menu shows 2.4, but if CPUID is reporting 3.0ghz, you can be sure that is what you are getting from your chip.

    pls help me out guys i have already Disable the EIST in the BIOS but still my processor got slow wht to do for it ?
  8. check the last picture. It says FSB is 1066 instead of 1333. Does Your motherboard support 1333 FSB? If Yes then You have to go in BIOS and set it to 333(1333) or if it does not then You could try to overclock m/b to reach 1333

    What motherboard do You have?
  9. i have Intel Dp45SG board
  10. Im not sure if its the same on XP as it is on Vista, But if you go into Power management, Make sure under Processor power management, The maximum is set to 100%

    I know I had a few problems with my C2D showing only 2.4 when it should have been showing 3.5 because it was only set to around 50%.

    Double check also what your processor shows under load, Download a program like Prime95 and just run it for 10 seconds to see what your processor is running at, If it still shows under what you expected then you will have to edit your bios to support 1333mhz.
  11. ok guys i have question for u pls help me out for it is this board is really good

    Intel DP45SG?

    i am using my 2nd board from the warranty the first boards all USB power was gone suddenly so i send it back to warranty and now this is my 2nd board which give me these above mention problems so what u guys suggest should i keep this board or send it back and go for any other board with DDR3 Rams?
  12. thats funny i have the oposite of you my i7 is running at 2.786 Ghz @ 133 and the multiplier at 21, no matter what i do it always defaults to that. turbo is off and speed step on or off its the same it should be running at 2.66GHz with 133 and 20x mulitiplier. anyone have a ideo why? im using a evga x58 sli board.
  13. guys please help me out wait for ur reply
  14. I think the way xp worked was when u saw your system information, it showed what it was at that instantaneous time, so if you have 4 Gb of ram, but only 2.4Gb free, it would show 2.4Gb of ram, so maybe your cpu wasn't performing at that speed when u opened the window. This is what i remember from xp, but i think thats what it is.

    As for your other question, i dont know, im sorry :(
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