Motherboard for new p55 build

i'm looking at building a core i5 GTX260core216 SLI setup i plan to do some mid-range overclocking. which of those motherboards would be the best price/for what i get.

are the Asrock ones very unreliable and not even worth looking at?

should i really just drop the extra money on the EVGA one? or would it be pointless vs the MSI one for 50$ less.

remember i only plan to do some mild overclocking say just bring my core i5 up from 2.66GHz to 3.66GHz at the most.
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  1. I recommend the Gigabyte board.

    What RAM and CPU are you looking at?
  2. do you have a reason for recommending that?

    intel corei5 cpu and thats the RAM i have picked out now.
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    More reliable, stable, overclocking ability, overall quality. That's why I recommend the Gigabyte board.

    As for RAM, you'll have to overclock just to get it working on any of those boards.
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