Speedfan Confusion

My Specs.:
Speedfan v4.43
Win. 7 64
X4 965@3.85GHz 1.45v w/H50
DDR3 1600 @ 1500MHz
AMD 6870 900/1050MHz

I would like to know what Temp 1 means in reference to Core Temps.? What is temp 2, the NB? Why does it not display voltages? Also, Core temp jumps 10c in 30 seconds then levels off. Can this be caused by air gaps in the CPU/HS interface i.e. poorly applied TIM or uneven pressure?
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  1. Well folks, The core temp actually jumps instantly from lets say 38c----> 46c upon throttling from 0%--->100% it then levels off til it hits maximum of 57c. Is this instantaneous temp. jump normal?
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