Connect network switch to DSL modem

Can i connect a network switch to a dsl modem so that i can connect more than one pc to the internet?

Thank you
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  1. It depends on whether the DSL modem has a router built-in to it. What brand/model of DSL modem is it?

  2. i havent bought any modem yet,
    iam thinking of buying a adsl modem and a network switch without buying a router as my previous router burnt unexpectedly.
  3. If the ADSL modem has only a single ethernet port, chances are it doesn't have a built-in router and it expects to be connected to a single MAC device. Using a simple switch would not work in such a circumstance because a switch doesn't have a MAC address and the model would receive call from multiple computer's MAC; you would need a router for that.
  4. That's not true. Zyxel 660 DSL modems have a single etherenet but have built-in routers.
  5. Good to know. Here in Quebec, all major ISP provide the modem and none of them support routing, they are simply gateways. To help the OP, maybe people could contribute a list of DSL modems that have built-in router. After that the OP will be able to decide which solution he prefers (modem/router + switch vs modem+switch).
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