CrossFire of ATI HD 4890 1GB DDR5

According to the tittle can someone teach me on how to CF it...
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  1. yeah you need to go to and research what crossfire is first.
  2. ^ +1
  3. just put your bridge thing on, than the drivers will do the rest ;) oh if you have a rampage formular make sure the chipset drivers installed first or it will do wired things
  4. ^
    very nice for you AMG...
    for the 2 post above dont think i dunno bout CF..i do know it lil bit..i just want to know more on its appropriate setup
  5. just put both cars in the PCE slot connect them up to your powersupply, and put the crossfire bridge on, you only need one by the looks of it. the drivers will see it and ask if you want to enable it. than your good to go, make sure you got a good powersupply through.

    I should have typed my first one like it I just couldn't be assed at the time LOL, trying to look like a "enthuiast" :P its not working through ;D
  6. nice information man! thnx so much...
    i'll use C/Master Real Power 850w for it..that enough, isn't it?
  7. yes depending on the amps, if it gives 20amps down the 12volts rails it should be fine.

    I personly never been found of them but thats just me
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