I have a Western Digital Cavier green 1 TB hard drive. I notice this very light thumping sound when it spins, during download of files to this drive , playing a media file from this drive, etc. The sound is a soft thump, it is not a sharp click or clunk sound, it is a soft (barely hear it ) thumping sound (not a continuous sound but occurs every 5, 6 seconds , cyclic).

Have checked the harddrive mountings, secure and stable. Can feel the thumping inside the hard drive. Is not a resonant sound with fans etc, it is from the inside of the harddrive.
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  1. have you ran checkdisk on it?

    In the command prompt, (as administrator) use this command:

    chkdsk (drive letter): /B

    It will scan the drive for bad sectors and what not. Also try the diagnostic tool form WD: Data Life Guard. It can be found here:


    It has a quick test, extended test, and can be used to write a drive over with zeros.

    The quick test will take only a few minutes if the drive is fine, the long test will take somewhere on the order of 3~4 hours, and writing a drive with zeros will take about 3 hours as well.

    If it passes chkdsk with no bad sectors, the quick and extended tests from data life guard, then you can be sure your hard drive is fine.
  2. Hi, thanks for the reply.

    I have not used chkdsk , but used the disk diagnostics utility from Western Digital site. It passed the quick test twice; have not done any extended test. I am still downloading files to this hard drive, no problem so far. I am just not comfortable with the noise, is it a syndrome of a failing drive?? I just started to use this new drive recently though I got it for a while.

    I also looked through the list of acceptable and failing drive noises from Western Digital site, the list does not say anything about the noise that I am experiencing.
  3. its probably fine.
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