Blue screens from portable hard drive?

Hi guys im new to these forums so please help me! i recently formated a western digital elements protable hard drive and ever since ive for mated it seems liekw hen its plugged in my computer gets blue screens is this because the hard drive how do i got about fixing this problem or if its something else please help thanks!
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  1. Could you tell us what these blue screens say?
  2. were do i have to read to find out what the screen is for ? sorry im a bit of a noob when it come to blue screens :'(
  3. Generally when ya get a blue screen there is some white text on that same screen on top of the blue. If indeed there is text on that screen, what does it say?
  4. is there a way to go back and see what it says cause i only read the first three or four words i think it may have mentioned hard disk or memory not too sure sorry
  5. It blue screens when the hard drive is plugged in, right? Simply plug the hard drive in and let it blue screen. Also, does it blue screen immediately after you plug it in? Or is it triggered by something or happen at a specific time?
  6. it was probably plugged in for like 3 minutes i was transfering some programs onto it all try again
  7. i juts got a blue screen while it was plugged in this is what it said i just tried to replicaate it and it didnt happen KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR
  8. anyone?
  9. This might help ya: Just ignore Windows 2000 references. It's only mentioned because of its use of the NTFS file system. Be sure when you use chkdsk to check both your internal AND external hard drive.
  10. okay that is really confusing ! and sounds scary to do... :S i havent got a blue screen in about a week id say so maybe its gone ?
  11. Well that error can be caused by a number of different things, most commonly hard disk errors, conflicting drivers, or fritzy hardware. Sometimes these things resolve themselves. Ain't that convenient? If the problem occurs again though, let us know and we'll attempt to hold your hand through the whole thing.
  12. thanks alot ! i will try and make it haooen again well see tonight
  13. okay so i got a blue screen on boot up today right after i installed ncleaner to try and get rid of some registry.. it found something like 1746 registry errors so i didnt trut it deleting all that so i backed up the registry and on the boot up i got a blue screen it said something like process1 with some other stuff... then it did a memory dump so i restarted the comp and it seemed to boot up a bit faster then normal and its been fine now. all try restarting it and see if ig et the blue screen again would u reccomend using the abck up for my registry? or keeping it like this ?
  14. If no new problems occur, and all your programs run fine, than you may as well leave the registry as it is now. If you got the blue screen before modifying the registry than restoring it won't do much to fix it.
  15. nah i got it when i was booting up the first time after removing it
  16. Well if you continue getting the blue screen, then yes, restore the registry.
  17. alrigth im gonna restat my computer right now and all get back to u then
  18. it juts booted up fine took about a minute and 10 before i touched anythign and everything had popped up and all the icons were normal so id say its fine ? but could u give me a step by step to run chkdsk thing ? i think i want to try it now...
  19. okay now im having some troubles with firefox.. when i go to facebook it looks really wierd its not normal and then here on toms its almost as if there no flash or animation now this is just on fire fox on internet explorer its perfectly fine i tried reinstalling firefox and nothign changed what could it be.. :s
  20. so its definately a firefox problem now ! ive installed chrome and it works perfectly as does internet explorer ive reinstlalled firefox all try uninstaliing then reinstalling see if that makes a diffrence all report back
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