P7P55D Deluxe Boot Problem (no POST)

Hallo everybody, I'm Ivano from Italy. Sorry in advance for bad english.

I have a problem with an Asus P7P55D Deluxe (very similar to another thread of memory problem on P7P55D), Intel Core i7 860, 2x2 Gb Corsair 1333 (one of the listed rams on the motherboard user manual).

The problem is at least strange, and I'm going mad on it since 2 days:
- when I power on the CPU LED lights for less than 2 seconds, all fans start spinning, then everything switchs off and again the thing restarts. If I leave it it goes on without stopping in this loop.

- if I push MemoryOK! switch the system strarts, the bios stops on a screen saing that MemoryOK succeded booting, recomends to enter BIOS and save memory settings. If I go in BIOS and save settings when I restart all is lost, again the loopp described before.

This is the only way I have to boot, after MemoryOK procedure everything runs ok till next reboot, CPU is recognized correctly, also RAM. Now I'm writing from the mentioned computer.
Has anyone had the same problem?
Any idea?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I would RMA ASAP... the more you wait, the more it's going to cost you. If it's been less than 30 days, contact your computer store and ask for a RMA.

    It will only get worst from now on.
  2. I followed your suggestion and I have just opened an RMA on asus site, I bougt MB on 29 Oct.
    I'm already in contact with the store (that's also an ASUS offical reseller), tomorrow I will call Italian help desk, but I'm going to realize that the motherboard has something wrong.

    Thanks for answering.

  3. Are you still having the problem? I would check for bad connections.

    Can you help me?

    I broke 2 wires on the TurboV plug. The red and white wires. I need the correct hook up. Anyone with this board please look at the TurboV remove plug that plugs into the motherboard and give me the correct wire colors. Please email me at js@tkpro.com.

    There is one of 2 choices.

    Large Black


    Large Black

  4. I've sent the board at service, I think it will be repaced in warranty.

    For what you ask I don't know exactly, also because I don't have the motherbard now. If you mean the connector of the remote control of the bus/cpu speed, I have that at home, do you want a picture?
  5. For my TurboV module.

    It is too late. I found a picture on the Internet and it looked like the red was on the edge. I tried to repair the plug and it was simply too small for rme. I damaged it beyond repair. The plastic plug is not for sale on the open market so I'll have to order the TurboV module from ASUS.

    The very small connector fits very tight and that is a bad design for an item that is likely to be removed and reinstalled.

    I would suggest putting some non conductive silicone lubricant on the connector plug before plugging it into the motherboard. That way you might be able to remove the plug without damaging the TurboV plug or the motherboard.

    I plan to cut the TurboV cable in the middle and install an in-line connector so the motherboard connecter never has to be removed.
  6. My turbo v remote also broke... was your pc still able to boot without it?
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