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I'm having trouble finding a fitting CPU cooler for my HTPC.
The parts I got are as follows:

Antec 300-150
Gigabyte H55N-USB3
Intel i5 655k (doesnt come with a cooler)
Corsair Dominator 8GB DDR3 1600

The problem is the space where the cooler can fit, the mobo space is fairly small and I dont want the cpu cooler to block the memory slots, the corsair memory is fairly high in size so overlapping the memory would also be difficult specially considering the small height of the case.

Could anyone recommend me a cooler I could use in this setup?

Thanks in advance !
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    since that case and board combo limits space quite a bit, i would guess this may be the best bet.

    It is slightly improved on the stock cooler.

    I had a I5 750 with a core2 stock cooler bolted to it, but you have to watch out as it is easy to bend the board.

    will post if i get the height limit for that case.

    You do not plan to overclock this thing do you? If you are staying stock, you can most likely undervolt the cpu to run it even cooler(quieter fan speed).
  2. Thanks a lot Nukemaster !

    That cooler seems to be the perfect choice, I'm not planning to Overclock it as I think it already generate enough heat as it is.
    The quiter the better and for playing bd movies or so this should be good enough.
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  4. it is honestly a shame that Antec does not seem list the exact height, but the main limit with a H55 board is how close the PCI-E slot is, if you are not using that, it opens some more options options. Do you have a TV tuner or other card on there?
  5. Im not planning on using any PCI card, with the 150W PSU I dont think it would be even possible considering the other hardware.
    What is the other option?

    Thanks in advance !

    PS: Might want to add a second 2,5" drive in the future.
  6. You would have to keep an eye for heatsinks shorter then about 50mm(this is about the tallest i have seen used in there. i am talking about those stock cooler clones) in height. It is a bit difficult since you also have to try to keep the heatsink it self way from the memory(thus stock cooler clones again).

    most heatsinks up to 110mm x 110mm x 50mm should fit, but i have only tried on that board are stock, stock core2 and Geminii S(this needed to be modded and is too tall and hits your tall ram.)

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