Flashing 9800gtx BIOS to a diff. one

Im trying to flash my zotac 9800gtx AMP to a new bios to work with my XFX 9800gtx+. I use vista x64, and nvflash will not run on it. Is there something else i can use? I tried to use the XFX flasher on the card and its not flashing it, still has the old bios.

cpu: q6700
Video cards listed ablove
4GB ram
evga 780i FTW MB
850w SLI ready PS
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  1. Can you turn a GTX into a GTX+?, I would have thought it was only possible to do the reverse.
  2. Well, the zotac is actually clocked higher then the XFX 9800gtx+
  3. I just wonder if it's possible to make a 65nm card run the BIOS of a 55nm card as the power requirements are different ie less, but a 55nm card should be able to run the BIOS of a 65nm card as it would just get a bit more juice than it needed which may help if you then wanted to OC to match the GTX.
  4. You can SLI a 9800GTX and a GTX+...I am doing it right now...basically with the same hardware you have listed above...I just run a Q6600@3.4.
  5. These two cards will SLI. I have done it myself. Have you even tried ?
  6. yes, for hours. When i install the new 185 drivers, i reboot, windows loads fine. When i click enable SLI in control, i get the curser on the top left that blinks. I have left it for 10+ mins on that screen, and the graphics cards just get really hot, it doesnt go back to my desktop. Used driver cleaner ect. Want me to post the bios vers and information on both cards?

    Edit: Both cards work fine, when not in SLI, i have tested them each separately
  7. I assume you have tried both as the primary card?
  8. of course, only when the XFX 9800gtx+ is in the main slot will vista even boot, if both cards are in. I thik that is b/c it is actually slower then the zotac 9800gtx
  9. Hence plan B, well good luck mate I can't think of any more than I've already suggested.
  10. Try uninstalling drivers , resetting cmos and starting from scratch. There's only so much you can do. I would put them on craigs list or EBAY and go with a single card solution. That's what i did.

    Sorry dude
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