Athlon II X3 445 overclocking

I wanted your opinion , becouse im not that smart in these OC thinks ( generaly in pc aswell :P ) , so i used ACC in bios got 4th core but it idles at 36c and at load 55ish isnt that too high ? also i disabled the ACC and OC it a bit in bios to 3.4 ghz at load its 41c , when it was at stock it had the same temps at load , is there a point to OC it more ? i really cant see much difference in games bettween "before" , and now oh yeah it has stock cooler.
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  1. Temps look OK....60c and above I would start to worry....IMO unlock the fourth core and see if it will let you OC it a bit say back to the 3.4 GHz you had...See if that that little bit of OC it really wouldn't be that noticeable, for me OCing is kinda like a just because I can thing...I don't like that the mfg. puts a speed limit on me.
  2. Lian-Li PC-K58
    Corsair H50 push/pull 2x120mm
    2x140mm top mouted
  3. If you can get it on sale for $59.99 like i did then get puts them on sale alot....personally I like it but it requires you to purchase an additional fan for push/pull config
  4. I think OP forgot about their thread..I posted a reply
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