My external HD is asking to format

Every time I insert my external hard drive in my computer it says that I have to format the HD in order to open it. I want to know how can avoid this or how can i recover my files if I format the HD?
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  1. Sounds like you are trying to mount it internally now ?

    Tried connecting it back as an external ?
  2. this issue happened to me just now

    i accidentally solved the problem
    i don know if it will work for you too but u should try before formating !

    - when the format message appeared i just removed the usb HD from my laptop
    then pressed format , it then showed a message telling me that the format could
    not be done

    - i re-attached my hard disk again and it worked just fine !!!!

    i hope it works for you

    good luck
  3. Sounds like you lost partitioning info you can restore it with Testdisk
  4. Follow these steps, and your problem will be solved:
    1. Go to Run by pressing 'Windows' + 'R'
    2. Write 'cmd'
    3. Now write 'chkdsk /f h:'
    ('H' is the name of ur hard drive)
    follow ordinary steps, and your hard will be recover everything without formatting it.
    Best wishes

    Waseem Dabbas
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