Bizarre Issue with i7 2600k

Ok so i recently got my GA-P67A-UD7-B3 and after a few unsuccessful overclocks i decided for now i would just run on stock so i reset optimized defaults on the board and when i did i noticed the cpu was listed as 3.5ghz which is 1 multiplier above its stock. I tried clearing the cmos and even reflashing it but nothing seemed to work, i had a strange hunch so i disabled turbo mode and suddenly it read correctly at 3.4 for the stock, im wondering what could cause this?
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  1. The i7 2600K gets an extra turbo bin for all threads, bumping it up to nearly 3.5 ghz. It's totally normal
  2. Yeah, 3.5GHz is the normal Turbo Boost speed for when all four cores are loaded.
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