Best Overclocking motherboard for i7 to hit 4ghz or higher? $120-$250

I would prefer to spend no more than $150.

Any suggestions?

I want to OC my i7 to at least 4ghz and want a MB that won't crap out on me.

I also want two PCI-E slots at 16x/16x each, and preferably 3-4 slots total.

A black or red color design is even better, but as I read the Foxconn Bloodrage isn't as good as motherboards similar in price- and I can't get it at newegg open box.
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    Your requirements are going to push your choices out of your budget.

    Most boards will let you clock up to 4GHz, but I'd recommend Gigabyte, Asus or EVGA to do it nicely.

    Running 16x/16x will be good on the Asus P6TD (leaves you a 4x for a 3rd card) and you still get to keep the 1x slot too, but it's more than your budget.

    Getting 3 or 4 slots with black & red moves you towards the EVGA X58 3-way SLI Classified, but that's twice your budget.
  2. I went with the

    Asrock x58 Extreme for $120

    It overclocks amazingly and I hit 4ghz without a single problem, solely based on their automatic overclock. From there I just lowered voltages a ton.
  3. Glad you got it sorted and ty for the badge
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