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I cannot get my motherboard to pick up my Pata hard drive it is set to be a Master using a 80 channel port. I thought I may be need to flash the BIOS but I can't even get the motherboard to pick up an old IDE hard drive. The Motherboard is a Soyo P4VSA I really don't want to replace this motherboard and help is needed.
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  1. First, a dumb question. Did you also attach a power connector to the drive?

    If you boot into BIOS, is the drive seen? Is the EIDE controller disabled?

    Just a few basic questions to direct the research.
  2. I've seen some drives where the jumper setting for standalone is different than the setting for Master.

    Is this a known good drive?
  3. I figured it out myself and I am sorry if you felt my question was dumb to me it wasn't. I don't that is a very nice reply to someone requesting help maybe you should watch how you answer people.
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    He wasn't saying your question was dumb, he was saying he wanted to get a simple question out of the way first. It's called an idiom in English. Which is not the same as the word idiot, so don't take it as an insult.
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  6. No offense meant!
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