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I recently purchased 4 used 750GB Samsung HDD's (HD753LJ)that were used in a raid server. The specs match perfectly for my PC (Dell Optiplex gx280 mini-tower). I'm trying to set up one disk as a single drive and it formats and installs the OS, but upon reboot it doesn't boot, just sits at a flashing curser. I've tried each of the four and they all do the same. I'm an IT expert, so yes, I've tried all the obvious, cables, bios updates, resetting to native mode, etc. But this one has me baffled, however, at this point, I am willing to seek suggestions. Got any ideas?
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  1. Let me rephrase that a little. I have checked all the things that seem obvious, but it doesn't mean I'm not overlooking something simple. I've also reset one with a LLF and I've scanned each for bad sectors (there were none). The drives are healthy and are spec is identical to my current drive (7200rpm/32mb/Sata3.o) except for capacity (500vs750). spent about 12 hours on it and figure it was time to bounce it off others.
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