Kingston hyperx 4gb ddr3 2000 with msi gd70 and phenom II 955?

im considering kingston hyperx
4gb (2x2) ddr3 2000 memory. i have been reading to get 1333 with low latency. the memory im considering is cl8 and 8-8-8. i can get this on sale for 90$ is this a good deal? my setup is msi gd70 with phenom II 955

the voltage is 1.65
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  1. bump...anyone? hows this compared to 1333 cl6?
  2. There's an article about memory scaling with phenom II cpus.

    The result was that ddr3-1666 or higher ram are not really worth the price premium you pay for them...

    I don't have time to search the article so I suggest you do it yourself if you need to know precise numbers.

    Kind regards Erdinger
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