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Hi All,

I am assisting a friend with a perplexing hard drive. He is running a Seagate 1gb (forget which model exactly), and he is having trouble transferring files from his "my documents" and other important folders to external drives (he tried two different ones, to make sure the issue wasn't there). The computer appears to be operating just fine otherwise. It passes all virus scans and seems to be in tip top shape. I am headed over there today, so I should have additional info. regarding specific error messages, but given what I've said, what preliminary steps would you recommend in figuring out what the problem is?

Thank you all in advance.
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  1. What OS? There are some hidden files (such as that cannot be copied to another location. I would recommend to make hidden files visible and compy individual folders separately.
  2. To clarify the issue, upon running a backup, we get the message (slightly paraphrased from memory): "Some files located in /users/family/my documents, etc. could not be backed up because they are located on corrupted drive c:/"

    I ran a chkdsk, and sure enough some sectors came up as "corrupted" or whatever term chkdsk uses. We basically manually copied the contents of his my documents folder to the external hd to make sure it's OK. I had bought a replacement WD 1gb (because there was an awesome sale on new egg) just in case. I didn't go through with the formatting and reinstalling of windows, because everything seems to be running fine at the moment. So we just popped in the new HD for the time being. If anything ever goes totally wrong, we can just restart with the WD.
  3. Try running seatools on it. if it shows any errors he might be able to get an RMA on it.
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