Built In Monitor Speakers Wont Work

I bought the Asus VH242 Monitor and it has built in speakers.

I've tried hooking it up to the sound card, aswell as the onboard.

My monitor is connected via HDMI.

All drivers are up to date, ive messed around with settings and nothing

Anyone have any ideas?
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  1. I've seen something like this in another forum, the guy had a problem with his HDMI connection. If he used DVI or VGA with the 3.5mm sound cable it all worked fine, but when it came to HDMI, he had problems with audio and video. Check to see if the cable works with other hardware and if it works fine, it might be that your monitor's HDMI port was simply DOA from the start.
  2. Hook up the S/PDIF cable to the sound card if you have one.

    Disable onboard sound.
    Go into the audio properties
    (which should show up as a red speaker icon on the start bar).

    From there enable the audio via HDMI, and then go into properties.

    This is the easiest pic I could find which shows all the information in one shot;
  3. YOU ARE THE MAN EVoNGUGG! THank you sooo much. That fixed my issue! :bounce:
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