HDD dead or alive??


I just want to make sure Imma make right decision I'm planning to order myself a new HDD tomorrow so I want to be sure that the one I'm using is dead, the problem is next:

Whenever I turn my PC on it works for about half an hour - hour and then my PC shuts down when it turns on again it freezes at Windows XP loading screen, if I disconnect HDD from SATA cables and reconnect him after 1-2 hours I manage to reinstall windows and when I do that the problem repeats it works for an 1-2 hours and then shuts down and on the reboot it freezes again on the Windows Loading Screen, so I want some hear some other opinions before I buy a new one, but everything points to a dead HDD, please share your mind :D
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  1. Could be the HDD but also sounds like a faulty power supply.
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