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Ok, this question may be weird but I'm totally clueless on what I Need to do to fix this problem.
My family and I have 1 Desktop Computer and 3 laptops. Recently, I got an iPod touch for Christmas and yea... I tried to connect to my wireless internet connection. I didn't remember my network password so I clicked Properties / security / and I had a TKIP encryption so I figured It was a 8 letter password, I thought I figured it out so I typed the word into this box named "Network Security Key" and retyped the guessed password. Now my problem is that I can’t connect to my network on my laptop and my other family's laptops are fine. I always get a "timed out or user action" msg with windows help center.
Any suggestions?
(I have Windows Vista, Acer)
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  1. Guessing isn't going to work.

    Either have a look at one of the other computers' wireless setup and see if you can read the passphrase there -- and also note which security protocol is in use (WEP WPA etc)

    OR have a look at the instructions which came with your router or downloads its manual from maker. Access the router's setup screens and read the passphrase there or set a new passphrase.
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