Which cooling system should i get. for 500$ max for a super gaming.

i would like to build a new pc since my last build was on 2007.

my target is hardcore gaming like wow, crysis 2, COD and duture games.

i got 24 inch samsung full HD. creative sound system 7.1.

my question is divided into 2:
- is it enough to get the i7 2nd generation with six core or should i get the ectreme edition. the difference is 600$ which can bring something else.

- i am not sure which liquid cooling should i pick since my last system destructed. got to own thermaltake 745i.

my future system is :
evga motherboard last model for i7. 300$
evga gtx 590. 800$+
corsair memory ddr3 1600mhz 6gb. ( if you got better suggestion ur welcome ).
SSD 140-160gb ( not sure which model)
thermaltake 1200 watt + ( cause i am thinkin of 2x gtx 590 ) in future.

that should be all for now.
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  1. i'm not super familiar with high high end stuff but...

    I'll give you my opinion on processors. Depending how much money you got for your new processor. I would vote that a hexa-core is NOT practical at ALL for gaming. Doesn't matter how hardcore you are. Game developers will not utilize that many cores. 4 max IMO and I think others will say the same.

    *WoW and COD are not super graphics intensive...

    I might sound very typical and you might know already, but an i5-2500k will go a long ways. 4.4+ghz on aircooling? Stock cooling? It'll burn through anything I think...

    As for your cooling, I'll leave that to other people.
  2. Too many people under estimate the importance of a strong, quality power supply. Choose one from Corsair, Antec TP, or Seasonic...
    650watts will work for any single GPU system.
    850Watts will work for all but the highest end dual GPU systems.

    I love the Corsair 850HX supplies because they remain dead silent to almost 600watts... (great for a SINGLE GTX 590...)


    In your really thinking of dual GTX 590's your choice in PS is clear, Corsair AX1200. With 100A, ready to arc weld, AMPS on a single 12volt rail this will get the job done...


    Cooling, I don't do plumbing, and a couple drops for water and computers don't mix... So, I go for big-air cooling.... i've got a slightly smaller Noctua, works great on an i7-950 OC to 3.6Ghz (for daily use..)

  3. I think you'd better do more homework before going the route of watercooling. You don't seem to have a solid grasp on the concept quite yet.

    Lots of links in my signature below. Depending on your current and future expectations, $500 might work but I recommend catching up on a lot of reading.

    Good luck.
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