Hello all,
I recently purchased a new motherboard INTEL DG45ID and have been having problems ever since.The motherboard does not support resolution beyond 1024x768,that is if I set a resolution beyond 1024x768 the monitor screen goes blank for few seconds and this happens every 10 seconds or so.The monitor LG W2043T supports resolutions TILL 1600*900 @ 60 Hz.After having searched over the internet,I found that this is a generic problem with the above mentioned motherboard.(Had got a replacement motherboard of the same model but still no go,even after installing their recommended drivers.)

I would be really thankful if someone could tell me whether INTEL will replace the mobo with other better model (would really be grateful if someone who have had a similar problem with any INTEL mobo could share his experience).If they do provide a replacement with other model which one should I ask for,as right now I have lost all the trust for INTEL and would not trust them in making a decision for a new mobo.

I would be obliged if someone could shed some light on this matter and help me make a decision in asking for a new mobo from INTEL.




OS :WINDOWS XP,UBUNTU 9.10 (all 64bit)
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  1. I would install a new video driver or buy a low end card; I found my 2400xt ati for $20 after rebate and free shipping from newegg.com.
  2. Hi
    I am Zakariya From Bangladesh rafiul_haq@yahoo.com

    The MB DG45ID built-in GFX card may not work with all type RAM and it always crash after some time of starting windows.
    I solve the problem by using ext. PCIe Card NVIDIA ANY PCIe 2.0 cards and latest Bios update

    You try and if not work then ask for replacement. intel always do replace if your reseller is intel premium partner.
  3. Devaj,

    I think the problem is with your memory, there are only 1 - 2 two gig sticks approved on the DF45ID, and G Skill is not one of them. I suggest going with the approved Kingston Value ram 1 gig sticks.
  4. I use te MB ALMOST 3 Month with BIOS Update and ext PCIe GFXCard so Please
    DO updat Your BIOS it will solve your problem and you also contact intel support to get
  5. Always remember INTEL is the world BIGGEST Processor and MB Manufacturer all other flow intel technology so INTEL GIVE BEST SERVICE AS LONG THE warranty remain and support to PLEASE CONTACT INTEL via intel website.
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