Which sound card do I have?

Hello all,

I am thinking about buying a new "Toy" for my computer, it requires a Sound Blaster 16 or equivalent sound card.

I know I put a Sound Blaster sound card in it when I built it but don't remember which one it was. How do I know if its a sound blaster 16 or better. Device Manager shows Sound Blaster Audigy listed with devices but doesn't give much for detail of model.

Wikipedia stated something to the effect that Sound Blaster 16 was invented in 1992 if that is the case I doubt its an issue but I'm not sure on that.

Any one know how I can tell for sure?

Thanks in advance :)
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    Audigy is "equivalent". Enjoy your toy whatever that is
  2. uncle_ben said:
    Audigy is "equivalent". Enjoy your toy whatever that is

    Thanks man thats what I needed to know.

    By the way the toy was Dragon Naturally speaking 10. I'm using it to reply on this post.

    Thanks again!
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