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Because I recently purchased a usb 3 hard drive dock I've been handling hard drives much more frequently. I store them in antistatic bags, but because I'm touching the metal part of their back side more frequently, I wanted to invest either in a pair of antistatic gloves or a grounding wrist band, so I bought these from amazon (they are ESD dissipative gloves, but don't mention anything about being antistatic). I may be wrong but I was thinking, when buying the product, that ESD gloves were made for that very purpose. After doing a little more research, after the fact, I found that there are many types of ESD gloves, some say antistatic, some don't, some say dissipitative, some don't. I don't really know what I just bought any more. Does anyone know if the gloves I linked to would be adequate protection for handling bare hard drives? I know not to touch the actual board - but handling in general I mean.
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    Those will be fine. I don't tend to worry too much about ESD, but those gloves are the kind you need.
  2. Been building computers for years and have never once used esd gloves or bracelet. Unless your in socks and dragging your feet on some shag carpet you shouldnt worry about it. Just another way to make more money selling you stuff you dont need.
  3. I'm with silky. When you sit at your work area, touch something grounded (for example, a metal part on the computer chasis while it's plugged in) then you should be fine.
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