Why is Global Moderator "Area 51" Sarcastic

How best to respond to this?
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  1. It's a by-product of reading for the 1000th time things like "Why is my blue icon moved" with no other info.

    The best response is to throw dead gerbils at him.
  2. Area51 was separated from his family back in the late 50's when his spaceship crashed.

    He was on the john at the time due to ingesting some nasty Persian Blue ... and the cushioning in the can saved his life.

    Evidently the craft crashed as the pilot thought he saw a Cat Haven (misread the sign) and got so excited when he was turning around he sideswiped a large hill.

    The rest of that story is pretty public knowledge.

    After extensive tests the US military decided to let him have access to the internet as part of his good behaviour bond and eventual integration into society.

    Here at toms we are fostering his cultural development under a small stipend and we think it is going really well.

    His dietary needs are modest as he only eats cats ... and everyone seems pleased at that except for AFG and randomizer.

    There are other moderators who are also aliens but at present their identities are kept a secret ... thoug hnone of them are "greys".

    Area51's current address is no secret ... even his IP is showing as a small caravan in the middle of nowhere.

    He has even stated that when the invasion fleet returns to rescue him we are all going to have jobs as his personal slaves ... which I am quite looking forward to in all honesty.

    I try to stay on the right side of him as he has the ability to make your nose bleed with an unkind thought ... and I am 13,420 kilometres away.

    Anyway I thought I'd post this bit of a backstory for interest.

    Is your nose bleeding yet?
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    That was great! :)
  4. Looks like someone is going to be seeing the MiB's real soon. :pfff:
  5. Being that Tom's is like a reference guide - that search engines send you to. Perhaps questions never get the answer to - sometimes, fact is only if its answered, someone may find something worth using. Therefore if search engines send you here someday - it might be worth the effort reading. Does everyone need to be as all seeing and all knowing - why should we know more than the person who created this site or runs a store to get better service when they think its a silly question to ask anything. I had this problem the first time at Microsoft forum about the new Windows XP their reaction to my detailed report about the problem - they wanted to know about - yet told me as if its no big thing and as if I "worry" to much - now you can see why our software can be so bad. What about dispatch - 911 when you rush to the phone from some far away place and they tell you to manage it better.

    Why make it hard with sarcasm, about answering what is not clearly written - to not answer - you gave me the chance to write it. Then get mad that I wrote something, that I did answer. If people wrote closed subject the computer would prevent me - yet not warn me and get mad.

    Why waste your time being sarcastic, by sending me email, about how much you hate me - with what I wrote. That is as bad as being a Customer at a Target Dept. Store when I asked about Mother's Day cards, the STL of the store came over and told me to leave or call police, he said she was lazy and looking for excuses to work longer. Fact is I asked her as a customer, as a newcomer, you presume I know so much, about when and where I should write, with no warning or in other words, your unwritten rules and disclosures.

    Therefore I think this place is not about help, just insults and a worthless place to be. Yet I have been to a Radio Shack again and Microsoft again and Target dept. stores again and a Frys Store too yet Fry's was rarely always friendly, I was a Target of some scam of Target more times than I liked.
  6. Are we bringing back the OM/OW forum?
  7. Can I interest you in the purchase of a fine money tree?

  8. steven241 said:
    Being that Tom's is like a reference guide - that search engines send you to. That questions perhaps do not get the answer to sometimes, fact is, if its answered someone may find something worth using, that search engines send you to.

    I therefore edited my comments, thanks for the option to explain again what I felt dear to explain. To have questions, without the answers, or perhaps have wrong answers, perhaps may annoy someone. Why make it hard to answer:

    Being basicly new at asking or answering questions at Tom's I find it more different. Which creates a problem of guessing about what is best to do.

    The older the question gets - I found its not permited to create the answer, to where nothing was answered, (fact is I could be found right or wrong, for any answer like anyone else, or correct the wrong answer) therefore to be closed by "Area 51" for being late, when answered - if it was so bad to answer it, it should be closed first. Why make it appear to be a trap set to spring, for being helpful. This strange idea of, not guessing what is right or wrong, therefore more likely to avoid answering someone, for fear of this strange idea from someone. Fact is I could be found right or wrong, for any answer like anyone else, or correct the wrong answer, what is next, to presume the answer is right or wrong, therefore to find knowledge is a guess then.

    You could have a true moral, caring society, yet someone will complain its not democratic, that maybe true, yet where is truth, honesty and forgiveness, on the path to finding knowledge, if its about being corrupt what is knowledge then:

    Look at these countries, that have civil wars, are they really about making it a better country, is it about democracy, or a mob - organized crime, that presumes their idea is about freedom and democracy.

    For example: Some words have more than one meaning - example the word Gay. In the dictionary :

    1.) A quick, rash and lively action.
    2.) Immoral as in homosexual
    3.) Its a persons first, or last name

    How can love of work, or Christmas be about being Homosexual, or the smell of burning tires be good for the lungs, like Pot or Marijuana, as nothing more than Tobacco, and people expecting many other thing illegal to be legal.

    There are people expecting to marry man to man or woman to woman.

    Therefore people call it their democratic right to be silly promoting these things. Yet I and others could be denied our rights to expain its wrong.

    Sometimes users here at THGF dance around the question because they don't know the answer, sometimes they're stumbling over themselves trying to answer the question because 2 days ago they didn't know squat, and they want to share the tid bit they've learned with another person.

    Here's a News Flash for you, first off you seem to be all over the place do you actually have a common idea or comment?

    When you start a thread with a Title like you did, what exactly do you expect?

    Why is Global Moderator "Area 51" Sarcastic

    I have the utmost respect for Brian, if you walked in any of the moderators shoes and put up with what they deal with here every single day you would be sarcastic too, especially responding to a thread like this!

    Hopefully you're through impressing yourself!

    Ryan make that 4Ryan6 to you.
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