Thinking about crossfiring 2x 4870 512's

Well, I made this computer about three months ago. So far everything is running perfectly. I'm thinking about upgrading it a bit by adding a new videocard and another 1TB hard drive.

First off:

1. My motherboard (Gigabyte EP45-UD3P) has two PCI E 2.0 slots, but if I were to crossfire, they would only be running x8 x8. Is there any real disadvantage to having the cards run x8 x8? Will I still see an increase in performance?


2. My CPU is only a C2Duo E7400 OCd to 3.3ghz, will my CPU be a huge bottleneck if I decide to get another 4870?

Any comments / advice are appreciated.
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  1. and your powersupply is ?

    again it depends what resoltuion you play and screen size or plan to get whatever.

    I had two 512 in xfire till one stoped working. one isnt enough for 24inch screen tbh.

    two is fine

    you might lose like 5-10fps for a game like crysis otherwise you really wouldn't notice, unless you do care that much.
  2. And if your e7400 was a bottleneck, what would you do?

    It won't matter. You'll still play games fine. Although you should technically be able to extract a *lot* more performance out of that e7400. HIT 4ghz xD!

    Edit: I realized I wasn't being very clear. The e7400 will certainly bottleneck that 4870 CF, but that's because its just monster graphic-crunching power, and it's really not a life-threatening bottleneck.
  3. I'm not a master of overclocking, so i'd have to read up a bit more on hitting the correct voltages/clocks etc etc. I have a Coolermaster HAF932 case with a Coolermaster V8 CPU cooler, and my temps are usually good (i've seen max like 42c with a full load).

    Do you think it would be worth it to get another 4870?
  4. good thing about the core 2 duos is that you can overclock the **** out of them

    so if you have the cooler, try to get more out the cpu it will help your xfire by alot ;)
  5. Well I just tried to overclock my CPU a bit more with no luck.

    Here's what I tried:

    CPU Clock: 10x
    FSB: 340 = 3.4ghz
    Vcore: 1.3375

    Computer restarted once, failed OCCT within 3 seconds of the test running.

    CPU Clock: 9x
    FSB: 400 = 3.6ghz
    Vcore: 1.3375

    Computer would just restart 3 times then pop into the BIOS menu.

    Any thoughts on why I can't get passed 3.33ghz? I have a very good powersupply, and I seem to be doing everything correctly.

    My RAM is Mushkin DDR2-800, so I should be able to push my FSB to 400mhz right?
  6. yeah you should

    you might need to set the CPLL and the FSB termination and up the nb just a little not too much through, I m not familer with gigabyte mobos
  7. Just searched around the net trying to find a OC guide for my mobos OCing potential.

    Changed one setting (System Memory Multiplier) to 2.0B.

    Then tried:

    CPU Clock: 9x
    FSB: 400
    Vcore: Auto

    Started right up, went through about 20 min of OCCT with no problems. Highest temp I saw from the cores was 52c, which is fine I believe.

    Who knows, maybe I can get it to 3.8ghz on air >.>
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