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Hello Everyone!
I just read the thread of mrface regarding i7/i5 OCing. It´s still not really clear to me how CPU OC and RAM OC (adjustment of timings) are related. Do I have to andjust my RAM timings after i succsessfully overclocked my CPU? What if not?
Many tnx in advance...
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  1. Hey,
    Well if the multiplier is locked, you need to increase your reference clock to overclock. When you do that, it not only makes overclocks the cpu but also the ram, hypertrasport and i think some other things. When I overclocked, the only thing i did to ram was set it to a lower frequency I have a 1066 so i set it to 800. After oc cpu my ram is now running at 1000. If you don't set it lower, most likely your system wont be stable
  2. Ok, tnx. I will give it a try and will post the result :-)
    Tnx 4 the prompt reply
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