Windows 7 64bit and Vista 32 bit. How to choose which OS to boot into

So I just installed windows 7 on my new hard drive.
I could only get it to boot from the DVD when I disconnected my main hard drive with vista 32 on it.
Once I did that it installed fine and its amazing.
The problem is now I'm not sure how to boot into vista again now that I have both hard drives hooked up.
I read that on some motherboards you could hit F12 during startup but that didnt seem to work for me.
My current motherboard is this EVGA x58

Any help would be great, I'm hoping I dont have to physically disconnect my hard drives to choose which OS I want.
Thanks ^_^
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  1. You should have been able to just change to boot order to get the computer to boot from the DVD. You can try software like EasyBCD - I've successfully used EasyBCD to resolve a similar problem before.
  2. Depends on your board, it should be written when the computer posts to load a Boot Selection or something similar, on my Asus it's F6, on most Dell's it's "Escape" others put it where they want, I would say to look closely to any messages saying : Press ** to enter/show Boot Selection (or BBS)
  3. Or check the manual, or download manual and do a text search for "Boot order"
  4. Gumi,

    Check your boot.ini file to ensure that it recognizes there are two bootable devices. Also check out the follwoing link for Microsoft supported forums, helpful tips, videos and more resources:

    Microsoft TechNet / Springboard
  5. Or partition one HDD down the middle and install Vista on the first half and W7 on the second.
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