What cables etc do i need to order w/oem drive?

Hi, I'm about to order 2 of the WD black 1 TB drives from newegg.com. Unfortunately, I don't know how to install the drives myself so I'm going to have a friend do it (& hopefully teach me in the process). I know there's extra cabling or something that I need to purchase w/OEM drives. Can you tell me exactly what I need to buy when I place my order so that I have everything ready when my friend gets here to install the drives? If you need info about my computer, it's a Gateway LX6810-01 Intel Core 2 Quad 2.33ghz CPU w/8 GB RAM, running Vista Home Premium x64. Thanks so much!

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  1. You need two (one per drive) SATA cables like Rosewill 18" or any other brand, they all cost/performs the same.
    Installation is simple so you shouldn't run into any troubles. I recommend you check how much SATA power cables you have (Black ends; red, 2 black and yellow cables) coming from the Power Supply Unit, I've checked and on the picture it looks like you should be good.
  2. Thanks so much - and they're cheap!!

    This is a totally unrelated question, but since newegg customer service is closed right now, might as well ask here & see what you guys think ... if I order it tonight, I assume it's on tomorrow's business (Wednesday). If they're shipping Fedex 3-day shipping, does that mean it will arrive on Saturday? I won't be home Saturday. So should I wait a day or two before ordering? I know how newegg is about upping their prices all of a sudden though.
  3. If you're not home, they'll just leave you a message and ask you to contact them back and tell when you're home another time. Usually Posting Service work on Saturday's.
    You get 20$ off and free shipping, I'd say go for it now.
  4. ok thanks so much!
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