My pretty e8400. Also, Prime95/IBT

I Have a e8400 that is at 1.175v in the bios running 3.6ghz.

in cpu-z its 1.14v idle and 1.12v load. (1.25 is default volt, so VERY undervolted)

I'm using the stock hs/f and i get 25c idle to 55c load on p95 and 60c load on IBT.

I was wondering sense im 8hours p95 stable and 50runs of ibt, is that stable enough for a gaming pc?

i tried 1.15v but that made it 0.9v load so it failed after 30minutes but at 1.175 i got 8hours 95(ended when i woke up) and did 50runs of ibt just fine.

so stable enough?

also with my low temps with stock hs/f (lolol its doing good for stock) what temps can i expect with a hyper212+
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  1. Welcome to the forum norman....looks to be quite stable according to your readings...CPU-Z could be wrong....I would trust the BIOS, but you can't monitor that...and as another on here puts it "if it ain't broke don't fix it"....with those voltages the Hyper 212+ should keep it at near ambient to perhaps 40-45c at 100% load
  2. hmmm alright ty what other ppl here think
  3. BTW...everest.... will monitor the voltage for you properly...if you have doubts about CPU-Z
  4. everest says the same as cpu-z
  5. Hmmm....bump the voltage up just a tiny bit...say like 1.26v-->1.28v..see if still undervolts...My old board use to undervolt during heavy benching...I determined it to be due to the VRM's on the MOBO were not working properly.
  6. 1.26 and 1.28v are NOT required for a 600mhz oc, i can hit 4ghz at 1.20v (default is 1.25v) why bump the voltage if im stable? i've seen like 5 or so e8400s running 3.6ghz at 1.12v to 1.15v
  7. so 8hours of prime95 and 30passes of ibt, am i stable enough for gaming?
  8. Hey I agree with you don't bump it I was just addressing your voltage question if your stable and happy with it what is the problem..It looks very stable BTW
  9. I owned an E8400 and in order to get to 3.6 ghz all you had to do was go from 333mhz to 400 mhz, no need at all to change any voltage, past 3.6 typically for me was when adjustments had to be made.
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