Single Channel RAM in Dual Channel Mobo?

I have a Giga-Byte motherboard that has a bad SATA port so now I have to buy another mobo. I was looking to buy the ASUS P5QL-VM DO but my problem is that my current RAM is not Dual Channel and this ASUS mobo supports Dual Channel RAM. Will my Ram still work with this ASUS mobo even though my RAM isn't Dual Channel?

My RAM specs:
4GIGS (two 2GIG Sticks)
1.8v - 2.1v

Thanks for any help,
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    If you have 2 identical modules, then they'll run in dual channel mode if inserted in the correct slots. There's no such thing as single channel or dual channel RAM.
  2. That's nice to know!

    Thanks for the reply!
  3. Have you considered just getting a SATA PCI or PCIe card to give you back that function?

    Dual channel has been common on mobos for quite awhile. Does the Gigabyte board not have it? That alone could justify getting a new mobo.

    You are getting a mobo that uses DDR2 memory. Is that what the Mushkin is? By the time mobos started using DDR2 memory I beleive that most were using dual channel as well.
  4. I have thought about getting a SATA PCIe card but I think this Giga-Byte board has more problems than just the SATA port going bad on me. I get BSOD all the time in Win7 x64 Retail. That and it doesn't have Dual Channel memory support. The board is less than 2 years old and it doesn't have Dual Channel for the memory, kind of unheard of now a days.

    Yes my Mushkin RAM is DDR2 but it's not rated as Dual Channel. I got them as a pair so they are exactly the same. I hope they work for me...

    This is the mobo I am going to get:

    And this is the RAM I have:

    I'm not looking to over clock my system, I just want something that runs solid.
  5. Dual channel is part of the memory controller, which is on your motherboard. Your ram will work in dual channel mode.
  6. This is good to know because I don't have the money for new RAM right now...

    Thanks for all the replies guys!!
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