Water Cooling - Will 1 or 2 Single 120 radiators handle CPU/dual GPU?

I'm currently exploring a custom water cooled single loop system that will cool a mildly overclocked i7-950 (1600 mhz) on the Asus p6x58d board and the future evga gtx 590 (water cooled version) video card. I have a Lian Li v1020 case that offers so so airflow, with so so space inside. I was going to air cool the system, but I'm not too comfortable with all the hot air being blown around by the card - so water cooled seemed like a more practical (and fun) option.

I currently have an h70 system just cooling the CPU. I wanted a seperate watercool loop for the dual GPU, but there's no room if I want to keep this internal. . .and it seemed foolish to have a hybrid cooling system, and chopping up the H70 would be inferior to just having a committed water cooling solution done right the first time.

This is what I was planning and I'd love to hear what you guys think:

Here are the challenges:
Because space is critical going for pump/reservoir combo -
Pump - Swiftech MCP 655 (the adjustible version)
Acrylic Dual 5.25” Reservoir for Laing D5 (I'm under the nooby impression that the swiftech, taken out of its housing, is inserted in the dry portion of the chamber) - this is assuming the dual bay will fit in Lian Li's dual bay(there are only three bays) - if not, the single.

For the CPU:
The XSPC RASA CPU block or the EK Supreme Universal HF (depending on budget)

for the GPU - choosing to go with EVGA's built in block, as oppose to buying Koolance's block(the differences seemed minor - but there are no reviews out yet on either).

For the tubing and size (because of the EVGA block - 1/2" ID for the whole system)

Which comes to the critical question(and I'm sorry for the length of this email, but I'm thinking details help):


I would like to keep this internal for aesthetic reasons.

One single radiator may not be enough - but will two single internal radiators be enough to cool a O.C CPU and a dual GPU during the humid summer months(Montreal and later Los Angeles) under full load?

These are the radiators I'm currently evaluating:

RX 120
Black Ice Pro
X-Flow Black Ice Xtreme
Swiftech MCR120-QP

(looking for more)

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    millius said:

    will two single internal radiators be enough to cool a O.C CPU and a dual GPU during the humid summer months(Montreal and later Los Angeles) under full load?

    Aesthetics are nice , but you're not going to get close to decent temps with with a pair of internal 120mm rads on the components you listed.
    For what most that WC would call good temps you would want a minimum of a 360mm for the gpu's and a 240mm for the CPU.

    Head to the Coolers and Heatsinks section and read the stickies.
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  3. I'll keep the H70 for the CPU, and mount a triple 120mm Swiftech MCR120-QP using a pair of EK brackets over the 120 fan in the back - I'm not sure if it will affec the H70 radiator since it might be blowing in warm air. In any case, the triple is a dedicated GPU loop, with an option to stack another 360 (that's why I ordered this brand) if/when I extend the loop to include the CPU. Since the radiator is in the back, I won't see it, and the EK brackets make it clean enough that I can comprimise a little aesthetics. Thanks for your help.
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