VGA ram heatsink coolers
i own a gtx295 and gtx9800+
i'm wondering if those heatsinks can be attached on top of the card (not inside, the part where you have the brand logo) just to help to relieve the heat :O
thx in advance
*edit* another thing for the gtx 295, ive bought the dell 2408wfp, should i plug the hdmi or dvi? as i know they are alike, the hdmi just has audio on it... anyway i want to know if theres a slight improvement on the video quality :O
thx again
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  1. On top of the card? Like, on top the of the heatsink and fan (That is where the logo usually is)?
    Or on top of the GPU? I seriously have no idea what you are trying to say.

    With DVI and HDMI, both are digital signals so there really is no performance or quality difference. The only difference is that you can run sound through the HDMI.
  2. They need to be stuck directly onto the RAM chips, so I think your answer is no. I've not been able to see a visual difference between DVI and HDMI so the deciding factor is whether the GTX295 is outputting audio i.e. is there a SPDIF cable plugged into it?.
  3. I'm pretty sure he's having the same thought that I did. My 4830's RAM chips are double sided, so when I attached my Zalman HSF, I only had half the RAMsinks that I needed. But yes, you can put some on the other side of the board, just as long as it doesn't interfere with anything in the slot/space above it.

    BTW, the link you posted is a deactivated item, but here are two more sets:

    These are 9mm tall, so if there is a card above it, the sinks won't interfere with it:

    And these are 14mm tall (I have these, they're great), so use these if there is nothing above the card:

    Also, HDMI and DVI have the same pinouts for video, so there won't be a quality difference.
  4. thanks for the helps~ im sorry to not being so clear...
    this is what im thinking to do

    thx :D
  5. You're gonna have to lose that shroud.
  6. why? i'm just thinking if those heatsink will help the card to relieve the heat
  7. mousemonkey is correct. The shroud is made of plastic, and doesn't carry any heat. The metal (usually aluminum on bigger cards like that) under the shroud is carrying the heat over the card and out of the case. Losing the shroud will possibly make it hotter while using that heatsink as hot air won't be flowing out the back.

    If you're looking to up your cooling capacity, I'd suggest an aftermarket cooler ( I don't really know of any offhand that are for the 295) or water cooling.
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