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Hey everyone, I've thought recently that Tom's HW Forums should have a dedicated watercooling forum; not something that gets mixed in with the rest of the air cooler selection and 'which fan should I buy' topics. This would be a genuine watercooling forum; we'd get our stickies moved in, and we'd (over time) move as many older threads in so we could have a comprehensive user base to work from. I haven't heard anything back from the moderators on this just yet, but thought I would start a poll on who would like to see something like this implemented. If you can, at least cast a vote. Also, please feel free to add additional comments to support or rebut your choice.

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  1. It would definitely help us keep track of stickies and other information. I know we don't have a huge watercooling following here, but that might be somewhat due of the lack of a centralized discussion forum about it. I know that WC questions kind of get posted all over the place and they don't really have a 'home'. I'm even saying that H50/H70/Coolit/Bigwater/etc can call it a home...anything that uses a liquid as part of a cooler...we can keep it in a single location so anyone with questions knows where to turn.
  2. Voted Yes, now we just need people to learn to come to the cooling section of the forum if they have a cooling question.
    Just refered a poster from the General Discussion section that wants to know if a pair of 120mm rads would be sufficient for an overclocked I7-950 and GTX590 SLI :lol: :lol:
  3. Yeah...this is an exact reason why.
  4. reserved.
  5. Yes, and then we can plaster Conundrum's newbie guide all over it.

    delluser1 said:
    Voted Yes, now we just need people to learn to come to the cooling section of the forum if they have a cooling question.
    Just refered a poster from the General Discussion section that wants to know if a pair of 120mm rads would be sufficient for an overclocked I7-950 and GTX590 SLI :lol: :lol:

    That's not watercooling, that's a tea kettle!
  6. Yeah, but it's a good time to revamp it and update with some good info. There is a lot that constantly changes and it's time we have some updates. Most of the info and advice doesn't really change; hardware does, though.

    ^^And yeah...SLI 590's on 2x120mm rads? No way in hell; well, temps might be close to hell. You'd need to run some 3000rpm Delta's in push/pull to even have a slight chance of that working out well...not to mention if you have a CPU in the loop...?
  7. Here is the picture :lol:

  8. Hahahahahaha! Nice one!

    100+ views and only 8 votes? :/
  9. saint19 said:
    Here is the picture :lol:


    True, but in my case it does result in some amusing expletives.
  10. ...or interesting combinations thereof.

    The worst part is the wait for everything to dry out.
  11. A good friend said me sometime ago: "If you want something easy, buy a H50 and follow the installation manual" :lol:

    A little review of my sad history:

    4 dead CPUs
    2 dead GPU, one for not properly sealled water block (yeah nOOb error, i'm human)
    6 dead RAM kits
    2 dead mobos

    That's all that I remember for now :lol:
  12. It happens; especially if you rush or don't take time leak testing. Even then, it happens now and again.

    You all know me well enough...I recommend good air over the H50/H70 unless someone can debate a good reason otherwise. :)

    (Heh...made me think of Quint on 'Jaws' just then...)

  13. Wow, my hardware just conks out by being near me. No human error needed!

    2 Corsair PSUs
    2 Corsair Notebook RAM kits
    2 DOA WD Black Drives
    1 GPU

    That's all inside 3 years... I refuse purchase a thing from those brands any more, even if it was just awful luck. I could have the gilded wonder-parts for the difference I've lost in postage.
  14. WD Black drives are all I usually buy. Had a Corsair PSU for a while, it was nice, upped the ante for a 1200w BFG.

    Did they not RMA? Could've opted for that and Ebay'd the replacements...
  15. The only part that I've outright replaced was the PSU, every single RMA went though no questions. I went from Corsair PSU to Corsair PSU only because I had the good fortune of picking up a cheaper-than-Newegg TX850 at Best Buy. If that goes I'm hauling over to the Seasonic X series.

    I do have my RMA replacement TX750 at my feet (still in the shrink wrap) that I need to eBay off.
  16. @d0gr0ck: Just for let you know, Corsair is made by Seasonic. :lol:
  17. To the H50/H70 haters...Hey it works just as well as my Big air cooler, yet not even close to good WCing...My reason for using the H50 was to remove the clutter of having a x-large piece of aluminum and copper hanging from my MOBO and moving it out of sight...It does fairly decent for the $60.00 I spent on it....I wasn't expecting stellar results from it nor should anyone that buys it...I will in the future of course be building a simple single loop for my CPU....So the H50 will be 86ed shortly...just thought I would try to ruffle some peoples feathers with this reply...seeing as how some posters have really strong opinions about what kind of hardware people use. i voted yes BTW..
  18. Who cares who makes what as long as it works right.....
  19. Nah, a good debate is what it's all about. :) Without debate, what's the point of an opinion?

    BTW...I gladly welcome all LCS coolers to be part of the proposed Watercooling forum if that takes place. We NEED a place for users to gather and take pride in what products they are using. Remember, you can read about reviews online all day long; in the end, forum users are the real people who review the products...only long-term in real life scenarios.
  20. lowjack989 said:
    Who cares who makes what as long as it works right.....

    Q: My CPU is working at 90ºC, is that dangerous?
    R: Who cares? Still working

    :lol: just a joke.
  21. Yeah but fanboys really piss me off.....always suggesting the same old stuff...
  22. saint19 said:
    Q: My CPU is working at 90ºC, is that dangerous?
    R: Who cares? Still working

    :lol: just a joke.

    If they have one running 90c and they don't know its dangerous then they should not even be close to a computer
  23. saint19 said:
    @d0gr0ck: Just for let you know, Corsair is made by Seasonic. :lol:

    I did the research, these are CWT products. Also, As far as I've seen, no one rebrands the Seasonic X series.
  24. Saint,
    Being a moderator, is there any way that you could "clean" this thread so that it doesn't become a back and forth over the pro's and con's of the all in one liquid cooling systems ?
  25. I voted yes, FYI you can thank SAINT19 if this becomes a reality, I suggest keeping this thread all business, it will be a preview to administration and other moderators of what we can expect if this does become a reality.

    Good Luck Guys! Ryan
  26. I think this new section would be great, so we wouldn't have to wade through the air cooling section to find the LCing threads...That I use for my research on what HW for LC works the best. Sorry for the off base replies Saint19 and everyone else.
  27. I wanted to get an actual 'feel' of the user community here, so I thought a Poll thread would be the best way. A petition, if you will.

    Hopefully we can get at least a sub-forum so we can move threads and stickies...I agree; it becomes a real PITA when you have to dig through generic fan and cooler questions when there is an actual need for a dedicated water/liquid cooling forum.

    Thanks for the support everyone.
  28. I'm all for it and a bit surprised to say the list that this forum doesn't have a water cooling section ,good thread rubix
  29. If we create this section we need take a look of all possibilities, and that includes pro's and con's since not all is perfect.

    A WC rig performs excellent, but your loop will need maintenance and good components while the air cooler is more "easy" to use.

    I wrote some funny answer here, not with the idea of create a war, just that we also need take a break and have a laugh here.

    I'm not promise anything, but I will do the best that I can for get a new section for WC.
  30. That's fine. I just think even a sub-forum would be ok...on the same level as the current 'Coolers and Heatsinks' forums. The main issue being, all the WC/LCS threads get lost amongst the usual air CPU coolers and case fan questions. If we can get a dedicated space for WC/liquid coolers, we would have more organization and it would be easier for new folks to find stickies/information as well as to have a place to 'move' WC threads that get started elsewhere to be directed to the folks here that are active and knowledgeable about WC'ing.

    Tom's is one of the only large forums that I am part of that does not have a dedicated water/liquid cooling forum separate from other cooling solutions.
  31. It does make me wonder how many questions go unanswered or get some wacky advice because it was not posted in this subsection at all.
  32. Yeah, I just recently stumbled upon the 'DeepCool' forum...which has a total of about 10 threads. WTF is DeepCool? A handful recently have been about watercooling and got some pretty obscure answers. These are the exact kind of reason we need a forum to host these types of people can find all the information and resources. I wouldn't ask for advice about car problems with my dentist...why would asking watercooling advice from people 'not into watercooling' be any different?
  33. I just hit it lucky and hit the overall "Overclocking" section and there a pair of those threads were. I hope I was able to drown out those odd posts. :sweat:

    A dedicated section would really help flush these poor-advice-givers into light, or maybe pressure them into picking up their game.
  34. Well, at least it would be a landing place for people to see that might not know where else to post something. With the idea of it being a forum or sub-forum, it would clearly be labeled and easy for folks to know where to go.

    Hopefully this pans would be nice to get this in would definitely give these types of discussions an actual 'home' so the public would know where to post...or at least have a destination to have threads moved to.
  35. Looks like we got the green light on the sub-forum; should be coming exact date. I'll keep you guys up to date. No word yet on migrating existing threads in...I'm trying to see what we can do and who will have the ability to move them...I've offered to dig through and flag/move all that pertain to watercooling if they approve. I know there is a ton of data in here, but we got a start...once we get the actual site up, we'll work on the rest.

    Thanks for everyone's support!
  36. The Tom's team is working on it, as soon as it's ready Ryan and me will move the threads.
  37. Great news, Thanks Saint!

    I'm not sure if you guys realize how big of a Tom's HW forum win this is...we have been hidden within an otherwise generic forum for a long, long time. This hasn't allowed simple, quick to find answers for both the usual regulars as well as the new folks wanting to ask/receive information...until now. I'm quite excited and happy for the new space; I think it will give WC/LCS users a place to call their own, be proud of and allow better participation from the regulars and the occasional passer-by.
  38. You Mods are awesome.
  39. Looks like the Water Cooling forum is up! I just posted a welcome message. We've got some work to do, fellas.
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