Securing Westell 7500 DSL router (verizon)

Verizon just sent me a wireless router for my 1 MBS commection. I am now successfully using a wired connection with the Westell 6100F. I want go wireless, so can someone please post a link that would show me how to properly secure my connection. I made the mistake of posting this question on another Forum and was told to call verizon. At one point while troubleshooting another issue, their support had me change my router login to admin/admin but did not tell me to change to something more secure, so I hesitate to call them. Thanks a lot in advance, Josea.
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    You log in to the router (as you obviously have done previously) and go to wireless security, choose a security protocol -- WPA-PSK TKIP is a safe choice -- and create a passphrase. Save and exit.

    Apply the same to your wireless adapter via its utilities or Windows wireless connections and disconnect the existing ethernet link and see if you have wireless.

    If you have problems experiment with wireless security disabled until you a reliable connection.
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