Gigabyte GA-965P HELP!

Help please ... This is where my story begins, I received a computer built by a relative who is now deceased. The System is as follows:

Cooler Master RC-532 Case
Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 P965 775 (Version 1.0)
Enermax EG565P-VE 535W PS
Intel C2D E6400 2.13Ghz 775 2M Processor
Corsair 1Gx4 240P Twin4X2048-6400C4 Ram
Nvidia GeForce 7900GS DDR3 256mb PCI-E or ATI Radeon X1950 Pro 256Mb PCI-E
(both Dual DVI)
Seagate (2) ST3320620AS - OEM SATA Drives
LiteOn DVD burner SHM-165H6S

After about a month of “ownership” the system was running Windows XP at the time, I started to notice that the computer would not shut down. I would have to turn the “master” switch on the PS to get it to quit. To start up I would power it up as I normally would from the front panel switch, but I noticed that during the “boot” sequence it would shutdown on its own and restart again ... startup, shutdown, startup, shutdown. After walking away from the machine for 15 minutes I would come back to it booted and asking me to login. It would never shutdown on its own from that point on.

I decided to wipe the hard drive with the windows install and install Ubuntu, went fine, but it had the same issues. So until late I have lived with this. I started to look at some troubleshooting forums for anything related, I gave up. Finally ...

I replaced the PS with another from Enermax, same issues, I just bought a replacement case (used) and decided to “swap” with my current components. The “new” case is an Antec Performance One P180 Silver mid-tower. I installed the MB first, but I left the cpu & ram on the MB, installed the power supply, video card (Nvidia), SATA Drives, DVD burner, and all connectors. The system won’t boot? I was careful not to short any of the components I believe?

As I power it up the front panel switch works, I get “complete” fan activity throughout the case, video card “lights up”, hard drives are spinning, I just don’t get a “display” of any kind? LCD’s are black. I reseated “everything on the MB” Not sure how to troubleshoot or what? I’m thinking the PS to Motherboard maybe the problem or the MB is just bad. I was thinking about getting a “used” Gigabyte (the same, but rev. 3.3) Please any thoughts would be appreciated. :(
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  1. What in the way of USB devices do you have plugged in? Reboot-loops on GBs are often traceable to USB; GBs are notoriously 'picky' about USB devices in general, and pendrives in particular:
  2. Hmm ... Interesting you ask this, the CoolerMaster 532 had a "top" panel for access to USB, Firewire & Audio (in & out) I use Firewire to this day, but the MB had no provision for 'IEEE 1394" so I installed a "front access hub- USB & Firewire) in the "floppy slot" and it was connected to a PCI card for rear access. Could this have been the culprit? With the migration to the "new" Antec Case I did not install any PCI cards, I wanted to migrate slowly to see cause/effect of the swap. Thank's
  3. oh ... an occassional thumb drive, camera & wireless dongle (mouse) thats it. plm
  4. SOLVED!!! It turns out its a BIOS - Power Management setting, "PME Event Wakeup" I disabled and it seems to have been the culprit. KUDOS to "Capt_Taco", "Proximon" &"leon2006" for giving me a path ...
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