Missing operating system error vista

Hello, my computer won't boot up after installing Windows Vista Ultimate 32 Bit
Here are my specs:
Intel Pentium 4 2.40Ghz
512 MB Consair DDR Ram 333Mhz
Dell Stock Motherboard (OptiPlex GX260) Made by Foxconn
Dell Stock PSU (OptiPlex GX260)
Maxtor HDD Model (Unknown) 19.5 GB
Western Didgital Caviar HDD 40GB 7200RPM (Both)
Antec ThreeHundred Series Case
It booted fine after installing, but then i restarted for my drivers and it said quote: "Missing Operating System." Could it be my HDD? Please write back, or e-mail me at ebthepcguy@comcast.net
-Eric Bennett (ebthepcguy)
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  1. Yes it could be the HDD. After eyeing your specs, looks like you could use a larger HDD, preferably above 100GB; after all, they are very inexpensive and Vista likes a lot of space. When installing, make sure only the system HDD in connected, you can connect the other HDDs after installation.
    If you want to keep the old HDDs, make sure you install the OS on the largest one.
    Another thing: you NEED more RAM for Vista, at least 2GB to have it run smoothly, min 1GB, no more than 3.5 or 4 GB (if dual-channel config) because it is 32bit OS and will not see more than that, anyways. But 512 MB is completely insufficient. I am not saying that is what is giving you the error, but even if it booted up, it would take like 5 min to start any program.
  2. I have fixed the problem, it was trying to boot off a flashdrive I had plugged in, anyways; the computer is gone now, the motherboard was defective and the capacitors all exploded. I do realize 512MB of RAM is insufficient, but it's all I had. I now have an i7 config with 8 GB DDR3. Thanks for your help, now could someone please close this thread?
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