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Need help remvoving logoff button in start menu

After formatting, I've been to more sites than I can count and tried every solution that's been offered and still can't remove the logoff button at the start menu (the icon with the key). I've tried gpedit.msc and disabled it, rebooted, and still there. Performed all the suggestions as per registry mods, rebooted each time, and still there. In Tweakui, unchecked "Allow Logoff" in IE tab, rebooted, and still there. This is starting to irritate me.

I've come here hoping that you pc gurus can give me a definitive solution because you've helped me before. I know it can be done because I've done it in the past, but forgot to keep a note about how I did it. I also know that this isn't a major problem, but it irks me to no end that I KNOW it can be fixed and I can't fix it now. That's just me.

Many thanks.

HP Pavilion a1412n
Intel Viiv Pentium D 820 Dual Core 2800 MHz
Home Edition Media Center
Avast AV
GeForce 6200SE
DVD+/-RW Lightscribe Double Layer 16x drive
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    Download, unzip and run this----->HERE

    Run it to toggle "log off" to show or not.
  2. Thanks tigsounds. I got it fixed thru gpedit.msc this time. I had originally ckd. the WRONG box. lol

    How do I mark this post "SOLVED"?
  3. Click the blue ribbon button in my reply above. :D
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